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"The things we hide,
The things they will not see,
Jailed within our hearts,
Waiting to be freed.
Hiding from the future,
From the monster 'Fate',
The Demons play,
The Demons smile,
The Demons lay in wait."
~ An excerpt from 'Hide and Seek', by Angrybee~

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Welcome to my 8th website (yeah, I need another website like I need another hole in my head), dedicated to the anime Peacemaker Kurogane (known simply as 'Peacemaker' here in the states).
I swear, one of these days I'm going to organize the photo gallery (it's driving me nuts the way it is, all random. Yes folks, I'm obsessive-compulsive) but considering that I first made that statement three years ago, I doubt that it will ever get done. Thanks for dropping by, now please be a dear and drop me a note in the guestbook!

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Updates: Okay, so I refurbished this site after all. I think the look is a little smoother now, and...*gasp* I actually wrote my own character bios. Yes, I know, they're not very good.

01-10-07: I have been seriously considering deleting this site, but after the recent loss of the great Peacemaker Kurogane: A Fansite that someone else ran, I think I'll keep it up, at least for a little while longer, though I know in the long run I will eventually tear it down.
I have removed the music mp3s as I have too much trouble keeping them working.
I will most likely not be making any updates to the site after this point, though once I finish with refurbishing Anywhere But Here, and finish working out the kinks of my new domain,, I might consider refurbishing this as well, just don't count on it.

08-01-06: Yeah, I know, I haven't done anything with this site in ages. Sorry, folks. I have a lot of excuses, if you want to hear them! My latest is that I'm moving, and also hope to re-design Anywhere But Here soon in my spare time, so this site has been pushed to the back burner for a while.
And as a side note, I don't think the music downloads work.


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