Shadowgrounds Survivor

Secrets guide, by ZedPower

Version 1.00

December 28th, 2007


Copyright 2007 Francois Pare




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SECTION 1 - Introduction

SECTION 2 - Secrets locations

SECTION 3 - Unlockables

SECTION 4 - Release history

SECTION 5 - Acknowledgements




SECTION 1 - Introduction


Survivor introduces a new element (among many others) to Shadowgrounds: hidden

items that unlock bonuses like cheats and such. There are twenty of them

cleverly tucked in out of the way places and camouflaged in such manner as to

require an observant eye to find them all. In the unlikely case that you

haven't even seen one yet, they look like glowing white (S) lying on the

ground. They're easy to spot in the dark, even if the way to get to them isn't

always straightforward.


None of those secrets are hidden in unfair, "gotta-have-a-FAQ" locations, and

it certainly is rewarding enough to find them all by yourself, so I recommend

everyone attempt to find them on their own. But if you're pulling out your hair

over the last few you can't find (or if you're just that lazy), this guide is

here for you.




SECTION 2 - Secrets locations


Stage 1 - Wake-up call (Marine)

The first time you get to go north, look west for a gap in-between chain link

fences just before you go east again. On the other side, go south to find the



Stage 2 - Road to Atlantis A (Marine)

As you come out of the canyon, you'll see a building with a large turret and a

few supply crates on top. Just south of this building is a narrow passage

obscured by a red barrel. The secret is in a corner if the small area back



Stage 3 - Road to Atlantis B (Marine)

Two secrets here!

1. At the very beginning, look west for a hole torn in a chain link fence.

2. Right after passing through the alleyway filled with crates, look east for a

little dead end. A door in the side of the south building is blocked by more

crates. Explode them, then pass through the building to reach a little area in

the east, holding the secret.


Stage 4 - Exterminate, Exterminate (Napalm)

Near the end, just before the door terminal that will finish the level, look a

little ways east for a bunch of trees. Go east, in the dark path behind the

trees, then south to the secret.


Stage 5 - Spider Trouble (Napalm)

Once the transmitters are fixed, go in the room to the east. The secret is in a

corner behind some mainframes.


Stage 6 - Save the Scientist (Marine)

Just before you reach the SATELLITE building with the scientist inside, look

west for a dumpster where the fence and the building wall meet. There's a gap

in the fence right behind this dumpster. Push it out of the way (you might have

to throw a grenade behind it to push it in the right direction) then go through

the gap. The secret is a short distance south behind the fence.


Stage 7 - Backups Missing (Marine)

At the very south end of the first snow field, look in the southwest corner for

stacks of crates. The secret is behind these crates, to the west.


Stage 8 - Oops (Marine)

When the path splits in two, where you can go east or south into the water

ridges, go east. At the northeast corner of the map, you'll find a fence that

only partly blocks a dark path. The secret is just behind that fence, around a

small cliff.


Stage 9 - Rude Awakening (Sniper)

At the first split in the path, go west as much as you can. The secret is on a

dark cliffside.


Stage 10 - Shrieking Tunnels (Sniper)

When you see some marines across a pit, don't go near them right away. Go

around their area through the north, and go through the hall to their west of

them. North of this hall is a small dead-end with storage shelves. The secret

is there. If you accidentally talk to the marines before you get the secret,

don't worry about it. You can still get it, only you'll have to do it under



Stage 11 - Sewers (Napalm)

This one involves two steps. When you get the minigun, check the south wall of

the room for a terminal. Activate it, then backtrack west and take the

southwest path, through the newly opened door. The secret is at the end of this

corridor near the southwest corner of the map.


Stage 12 - Fight it back (Napalm)

Two secrets here again.

1. After you clear the first building, you find yourself outside. Go north

until you find a low fence with some trees behind. One of the fence sections is

knocked down, allowing you go under the trees and further north where you'll

find the secret.

2. When you've cleared the second building with the brutes inside, go out the

east door and look at the chain link fence on the south side of the path.

There's a small hole torn in it, allowing you to go south in a fairly large

wooded area; you'll find the secret and a pile of ammo at the south end of

these woods.


Stage 13 - Come closer (Napalm)

No secrets here!


Stage 14 - Overtime Pay (Sniper)

At the very beginning, go southwest of the area you start out in. There's a

long alleyway packed with durable crates there. The secret is at the end of the

alley. Stun grenades are fine for clearing the crates.


Stage 15 - Backdoor (Sniper)

Soon after you start, you get to a path that circles a sort of pointy rock

formation. The secret is at the end of the path that goes southwest from this



Stage 16 - Cross the Line (Sniper)

No secrets here either.


Stage 17 - Canyon to Hell (Marine)

After you come out of the canyons, you find yourself in a foggy, forested area

infested with scavengers. There's a path marked by light beacons, but the

secret is off the trail. As soon as you enter the woods, go straight north and

follow the cliffside to find it.


Stage 18 - Inferno (Marine)

In this stage, you first go generally west, then north, then east, then south.

After the first mainly southward path, you'll come across two wider areas with

several aliens. (Check your map; the two areas are side to side with a narrow

passage in between.) The secret is at the end of a cliffside path to the south

of the second area. If you see a swaying green bush (!), you've gone too far

along the main path, and you need to backtrack a little.


Stage 19 - Inside (Sniper)

When you reach the terminal holding the data you have to backup, look for a

door on the east side of the room. The secret is at the end of a short corridor

behind that door.


Stage 20 - Mechanized (Sniper)

No secrets here again!


Stage 21 - Runnin' Wild

Soon after the mech shuts down, you come across a fairly big area enclosed by a

chain link fence. Don't cross the fence yet. Instead, look north near the

entrance for a gap between the cliff and the fence. Follow this path completely

around the area to reach the final secret.


Stage 22 - Dead Colony

Stage 23 - Keep Your Claws Off

Stage 24 - Final Countdown

No secrets in there. You got them all already!




SECTION 3 - Unlockables


Here are the bonuses you can unlock every few secrets you obtain, in the order

you get them. I don't remember how many you need to get such and such, but if

you pick up all 20 you'll get everything. Remember that you have to complete

the game before any of the bonuses become available.


All Weapons & 100 Upgrade Points

Self-explanatory, really.


Black & White Mode

Play the game without any colors for that old-school feel.


Super physics

All physics-enabled objects react as if gravity was very low. A lot of fun, but

be careful when shooting supply crates, as they're likely to just float off

into the sky or otherwise out of reach.


Speed Mode

Everything is much faster. It's a real challenge.


Electric Gun

The original Shadowgrounds' ultimate weapon, the Electric Gun, is now yours to

command! And it's fully upgraded to begin with, too! Its ammo recharges

automatically, and its secondary fire more fires a chargeable shot that pierces

foes like railgun rounds if sufficiently powered-up.



Another self-explanatory one.


Watch bloopers

This humorous little movie is the final reward for attaining every secret in

the game.




SECTION 4 - Release history


Version 1.00 - December 28th, 2007

Initial release.




SECTION 5- Acknowledgements


Many thanks to:

-The Frozenbyte team, for this excellent shooter!

-Valve's Steam service, for advertising and selling Shadowgrounds to me.

-You, for reading this guide!