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Charlie Crist on Health Care

Charlie Crist strongly opposes the health care legislation being debated in Congress. A government run health care system is not the answer to our nation’s health care needs but instead it is the typical answer of liberals and Democrats in Congress. The American people need a health care system that provides choice and access to quality health care at affordable costs. These health care opportunities are not found in the legislation championed by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

The approach to solving our nation’s health care needs should be focused on the free market, not the federal government. The free market will provide choice and competition. Competition will yield more competition which in the end will provide affordable costs to the American consumer.

In Florida, Governor Crist has led the way in providing health care options within the free market. Florida has nearly 4 million uninsured. These individuals and families should have the ability to choose what is in their best interest when it comes to their health care needs. To that end, Charlie Crist proposed and signed into law Cover Florida.

The Cover Florida Health plan provides uninsured Floridians with 27 health care options that best meet their needs. These private health insurance plans offer a wide array of health care benefits depending on age and medical needs. On average, Cover Florida premiums are $150.

In addition to Cover Florida, the Crist Administration developed the Florida Discount Drug Card. Working with private pharmaceutical retailers, the Discount Drug Card offers Floridians in need of prescription drug coverage immediate discounts on brand name and generic prescription drugs. In only two years, participating retailers have increased due to the interest in the program, and more than 122,000 Floridians have saved $5 million dollars in prescription drug costs.

Access to health care is a critical necessity.  Under Governor Crist’s leadership, communities across Florida that demonstrate a medical need for access, the bureaucratic process is more streamlined and efficient thus resulting in greater access to health care. Access to dental care has been improved under Governor Crist. Today, out of state licensed dentists can come to Florida and serve Floridians through the state’s county health departments.

Charlie Crist’s record is clear. As Florida’s next U.S. Senator, he will take this free market approach to the U.S. Senate. Government is not the answer. Charlie Crist will fight to bring free market solutions to the problems we face.

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