“Nasty” Educational Video

Nasty is 45-minute educational program, including a four and a half minute rap video, designed to promote critical thinking and stimulate discussion about how the tobacco  industry has targeted youth as replacement smokers with enticing marketing strategies and illustrate the adverse physical and social effects of tobacco use.

The video contains a rap song, Nasty, written by Steve Fitzhugh, former Denver Broncos player, and performed by Steve Fitzhugh, students and young adults from the District of Columbia community. It is filmed in and around Anacostia High School, located in Ward 8, in the District of Columbia.

The rap song is played out in vignettes by current and former Anacostia High School students, depicting some of the downsides of using tobacco or even being exposed to it.

This educational video is designed for youth in community groups in addition to middle and high school health classes. The program includes a DVD of Nasty and a facilitator’s guide for the class instructor.

Read the press release announcing the launch of Nasty here.

Download a copy of the Nasty facilitator’s guide.

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