Bell 212

Bell 212

The Bell 212 is used by the Army Air Corps in the jungle areas of Belize and Brunei.

The Bell 212 HP AH Mk1 derives from the Bell 205, the Huey UH-1. The Bell 212 HP AH Mk1 was born by adding another engine to the single engine Huey, but retains the original teetering rotor system. Army Aviation operates a handful of Bell 212 helicopters, whose unique abilities include flying in hot and often humid conditions whilst also being able to carry considerable loads. A winch on the side of the aircraft also enables medical evacuation in otherwise difficult terrain. Consequently the Bell 212 is currently employed in predominantly jungle areas where its performance is a great advantage.

Bell 212 virtual tour

The Bell 212 virtual tour is available below in two formats, Quicktime and Java. Click on the links below the image to view the aircraft inside. The view can be expanded to full screen by using the links in the view window.

 Bell 212 side view
 Quicktime version   Bell 212 cockpit and cabin
 Java version   Bell 212 cockpit and cabin

In Service Date: 1994
Maximum All Up Mass: 11,200 lbs
Engines: 2 x Pratt and Whitney PT6T-3B of 1800 shp
Crew: 2 + 13 Passengers
Length: 57 ft
Main Rotor Diameter: 48 ft
Height: 14 ft
Maximum Speed: 130 Knots
Range: 250 NM
Specialist Equipment: Winch, Underslung Bucket (for extinguishing fires)