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Variable Star of the Season: P Cygni
P Cygni is a massive star in the heart of Cygnus, biding its time before its next big show. Will it have a great eruption like the one that led to its discovery in the year 1600, or will it become the ultimate variable star -- a supernova? Read more about P Cygni in the next installment of our Variable Star of the Season series. Read article

News and Announcements  
Online Chat Tues. Jan. 12 @2pm EST/19UT Dr. Bob and Brian Kloppenborg will join us to discuss epsilon Aurigae results from the recent American Astronomical Society meeting and other topics. 01/08/10
Astronomy Picture of the Day is Epsilon Aurigae, the focus of our Citizen Sky project, was the APOD for January 8. 01/08/10
AAVSO Short Period Pulsator Section Includes Cepheids, RR Lyrae stars, and delta Scuti stars 01/07/10
2010 RR Lyrae Ephemeris 01/07/10
2010 Eclipsing Binary Ephemeris 01/07/10
Special Notice #186 Request for observations of high-mass X-ray binaries 01/04/10
AAVSONet: The AAVSO Robotic Telescope Network a network of remote, robotically controlled, and automatically queued telescopes 12/29/09
Special Notice #185 Request for twilight observations of U Sco 12/29/09
AAVSO Newsletter 43, January 2010 is now available to members who are logged in to Blue&Gold.; Non-members now have access to Newsletter 42. 12/29/09
Alert Notice 414 Request for Observations of V405 Peg 12/17/09
JAAVSO Volume 37 Number 2 is now available. If you are an AAVSO member, you may download it free from Blue&Gold;. Or you may order a paper copy 12/10/09
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