Medieval: Total War

Is Warcraft III too low-scale for you? Then get behind the helm of an entire army in Medieval: Total War.

Shogun: Total War was vastly heralded as one of the greats of recent strategy games, and Medieval: Total War hopes to do it one better. Instead of the art of Asian warfare, this time you?ll have to learn the ins and outs of down and dirty Medieval tactics, including open-field warfare and castle sieges. You?ll be given large armies of spearmen, knights, archers, and more, and you?ll lead them into battles on a huge scale?as many as 10,000 troops can be in a battle at once. To be successful, you?ll have to master tactics like ambushes, flanking maneuvers, feints, and formations; using everything at your disposal to win will be essential for victory.

The preview version showed slightly skittery graphics, but the battle system seemed tight and easy to learn. You?ll give orders to units and attack enemies with mere clicks of your mouse, and a deep system of hotkeys will further improve your efficiency. Hardcore wargamers should keep their eyes on Medieval: Total War.

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