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Newswire For The Week Of December 31st
Tuesday, January 02, 2007

January 2nd: A mixed tag team grudge match has been signed for ROH's first show of the year. ROH will return to the Boston area on 1/26 and you will see Colt Cabana, BJ Whitmer & Daizee Haze vs. Jimmy Jacobs, Brent Albright & Lacey in a No DQ Match!!! The last Braintree, MA show saw Lacey slap Haze in the face, now this war is coming to New England. The updated card is below with new talent additions. Tickets are now on sale at, or by calling 215-781-2500.

January 2nd: Jared David had to step down as ROH announcer due to scheduling conflicts. We wish Jared the best.

January 2nd: Make sure to check out the latest ROH Video Wire at and on for a look at Homicide's emotional title win and victory celebration, the Briscoes in seek and destroy mode plus Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Larry Sweeney and a backstage meeting that you have to see between a NOAH star and a ROH veteran. It's FREE at and you can also download the ROH Video Wire to your Ipod or PSP at Google Videos. Spread the word around the internet and tell everyone to check out ROH for FREE at

January 2nd: Happy New Year!!! ROH is in a mini-offseason now so it's a great time to catch up on all the recent ROH DVDs now available at for immediate delivery. Don't miss any of these shows as the Road Of Homicide nears its end, The Kings Of Wrestling start their tag title reign, KENTA finishes up his ROH run, the Bryan Danielson vs. Samoa Joe feud intensifies, things heat up with Lacey, Colt Cabana, BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs plus lots more including new debuts and returning champions. Here is a quick look at the recent releases:
-10/6 "Survival Of The Fittest 2006" (entire one night tournament with Bryan Danielson vs. Samoa Joe and a must see finals)
-10/7 "Motor City Madness" (Homicide & Samoa Joe vs. Briscoes in a wild street fight, Bryan Danielson vs. Austin Aries for the ROH World Title)
-10/27 "Suffocation" (Homicide & Samoa Joe vs. Steve Corino & Adam Pearce, Delirious vs. Matt Sydal, Austin Aries vs. Claudio Castagnoli)
-10/28 "Irresistible Forces" (Bryan Danielson vs. Samoa Joe in a No DQ Match, Austin Aries vs. Christopher Daniels, Matt Sydal vs. Jay Briscoe)
-11/3 "Honor Reclaims Boston" (Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs. KENTA & Davey Richards in a match of the year candidate, Bryan Danielson vs. Delirious, six man action with Homicide, Samoa Joe & BJ Whitmer vs. Steve Corino & The Briscoes)
-11/4 "The Bitter End" (Homicide vs. Steve Corino in a Fight Without Honor, KENTA vs. Matt Sydal, Bryan Danielson & Jimmy Rave vs. Samoa Joe & Nigel McGuinness)

January 2nd: Make sure to check the main page of for an updated look at the talent for the entire Fifth Year Festival in Manhattan, Philly, Dayton, Chicago and Liverpool. There is news on every show in this article including the return of Kevin Steen.

January 2nd: The next Newswire will have new match info for 1/27 in Edison, NJ.

January 2nd: ROH is getting ready to start the year with a huge show in Braintree, MA on January 26th. Here is the latest lineup and more matches will be added in the upcoming weeks:

World Title Match
Homicide, with Julius Smokes, defends vs. Chris Hero with Larry Sweeney

2/3 Falls Match
Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe

No DQ Mixed Tag Team Grudge Match
Colt Cabana, BJ Whitmer & Daizee Haze vs. Jimmy Jacobs, Brent Albright & Lacey

Special Challenge Match
Davey Richards vs. the returning Rocky Romero

Plus more to be signed with: ROH World Tag Team Champion Christopher Daniels with Allison Danger, Samoa Joe, Jimmy Rave, Jack Evans, Nigel McGuinness, Shingo, Delirious, Adam Pearce and two of New England's top prospects in Jason Blade and Eddie Edwards.

January 5th: The first match has been announced for ROH's return to Chicago and debut at the Windy City Fieldhouse on February 24th. The Fifth Year Festival will see a huge grudge match as Chicago's own Colt Cabana will battle Jimmy Jacobs in a Windy City Death Match. Look for a ROH Video Wire soon chronicling this entire epic feud. Save 25% on ROH live event tickets at, but act now because the sale ends on Monday.

January 5th: The next chapter of the Nigel McGuinness vs. Jimmy Rave feud will take place on 1/27 in Edison, NJ at the Inman Sports Center. Last time in Edison things heated up between these two. Now 1/27 will see McGuinness vs. Rave in an I Quit Match!!! McGuinness never submits, but Rave has made him tap out twice to his new heal hook. Now this matter of respect will be settled when one man makes the other say "I Quit" and give up. Save 25% on ALL tickets to this event now at The current Edison, NJ lineup is below.

January 5th: Jimmy Jacobs and Nigel McGuinness were announced today for ROH's next trip to the UK. ROH World Champion Homicide with Julius Smokes, Samoa Joe, Delirious, Jay & Mark Briscoe, Jimmy Jacobs and Nigel McGuinness are all confirmed for the two night stand in Liverpool on March 3rd & 4th. Many more names will be announced. ROH officials are currently in negotiations with Dragon Gate officials about these shows. Check the button on the left hand side of for tickets. There are still a few first row seats for March 4th for the end of the Fifth Year Festival, but act now because they will be gone soon.

January 5th: You can now save 25% at on EVERY ITEM. This includes tickets to all ROH live events, ROH DVDs and much more. Don't forget there are a lot of great non-ROH releases at including the latest from WWE and TNA that are now 25% off. Here are other non-ROH DVDs worth checking out:
-10/14/06 1PW "First Anniversary DVD" (Abyss vs. Steve Corino in a No Rope Barbed Wire Match, AJ Styles vs. Pac)
-9/8/06 FIP "Second Year Spectacular: Night 1" (Davey Richards vs. Delirious, Jay Briscoe vs. Jerrelle Clark)
-9/9/06 FIP "Second Year Spectacular: Night 2" (Roderick Strong vs. Delirious, Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Colt Cabana & Davey Richards)
-FIP "Best Of CM Punk Vol. 1: Declarations" is now available to purchase (CM Punk vs. James Gibson, CM Punk vs. Homicide including the infamous strip club brawl)
-IWC "November Pain 2" (Brent Albright vs. Austin Aries, Low Ki & Ricky Reyes vs. Shirley Doe & Sebastian Dark)
-Extremely Dangerous Women Of Wrestling DVD
-XPW After The Fall DVD (unreleased matches with Terry Funk, Sabu, Raven, Sandman, New Jack, Shane Douglas & many more)
-10/29/06 NOAH "Autumn Navigation 2006" (Naomichi Marufuji vs. KENTA that was voted by the fans and media in Japan as match of the year)
-12/10/06 NOAH "Great Voyage 2006" preorder (Marufuji vs. Misawa plus as a bonus the complete Bryan Danielson vs. KENTA "Glory By Honor" rematch in Yokohama from 12/2/06)
-Check the New Releases section of for these titles and many more. Save 25% on everything at until January 8th!!!

January 5th: Lenny Leonard will return to commentary with Dave Prazak starting with the 12/22 Hartford home release.

January 5th: Samoa Joe wants it to be known that he is still waiting to hear from NOAH about his challenge for any NOAH wrestler to face him on 2/16 in Manhattan. We want to alert you that tickets are selling quickly for this event as ROH shoots for its third straight sellout in the Manhattan Center. You can save 25% on all tickets to this event until Monday at Save big and don't risk getting shutout on tix now!!!

January 5th: There is an article called "Wheelin' & Dealin' Going On Behind The Scenes" on the main page of The latest news is that Larry Sweeney is holding Chris Hero out of the Fifth Year Festival now due to money demands. Sweeney is taking a big gamble here. If Hero is able to win the ROH World Title on January 26th vs. Homicide in the Boston area then Sweeney will be able to name his price for Hero. However, if Hero does not win the belt then Sweeney will have to greatly lower his demands. This is a gutsy powerplay from Hero's new super agent.

January 5th: Don't forget that FIP returns to action next week on 1/12 in Inverness, FL and 1/13 in Crystal River, FL. Signed for the weekend are FIP Heavyweight Champion Roderick Strong, Brent Albright, Jack Evans, Jimmy Jacobs, The YRR, Black Market, The Heartbreak Express, Sal Rinauro, Jimmy Rave, Larry Sweeney, Shingo and more. Check for more info and lots of FREE wallpapers, myspace layouts and skins featuring your favorite ROH stars.

January 5th: If you need a ROH fix now make sure to watch all the ROH Video Wires for FREE at and on Watch them in order and they will play like a TV show.

January 5th: The current lineup for 1/27 in Edison, NJ has:

ROH World Title Match (if Homicide retains on 1/26)
Homicide, with Julius Smokes, defends vs. Samoa Joe

I Quit Match
Nigel McGuinness vs. Jimmy Rave

Six Man Tag Team Match
Austin Aries, Roderick Strong & Jack Evans vs. Delirious, Davey Richards & Shingo

Tag Team Challenge Match
Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Rocky Romero & Ricky Reyes

More matches will be announced soon with ROH World Tag Team Champion Christopher Daniels with Allison Danger, Jimmy Jacobs with Lacey, Daizee Haze, Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Brent Albright, Colt Cabana, BJ Whitmer, Adam Pearce and others!!!


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