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To be or not to be (vaccinated, that is)?

Who can we trust for guidance? Is it Drs. Russell Blaylock, Leonard Horowitz or Rauni Kilde? I mention these names because I have been deluged by a tsunami of emails asking me if the anti-vaccine rhetoric - with which these self-proclaimed champions of the common man have flooded the Internet - has any substance.

One way of assessing the reliability of the stringent views of such opponents of vaccination is to take a look at what else they stand for.

I have long followed Blaylock's rants against food additives, aluminum cookware, fluoridation and dental amalgam.

A career in neurosurgery obviously does not confer expertise on these issues, but let's dig a little deeper into the mind of this man, a mind filled with conspiracy theories.

He opines that the social drug problem in the United States was created by the nefarious former Soviet Union "to weaken the resistance of Western society to Soviet invasion, undermine religion and make the youth unable to resist collectivism." And, oh yes, the Soviets were also responsible for an epidemic of hepatitis, AIDS, venereal diseases and highly resistant tuberculosis.

According to Blaylock, current attempts at health-care reform in the U.S. are being masterminded by the self-chosen "elite" (read President Barack Obama, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation and other such organizations) who want to establish a New World Order in which people judged to be a burden on the state, such as the infirm elderly and the disabled, are to be removed from society by positive or negative euthanasia. In Blaylock's esteemed opinion, "this is really not that far away from the German National Socialist Party's thinking." In other words, Obama's health-care reforms have Nazi overtones, with plans to reduce the population of elderly, who are bankrupting the social security system.

"Knowing they cannot easily pass a euthanasia law or just have them rounded up and exterminated, they (the proponents of socialized medicine) use the medical- care system to speed them along to their deaths." Totalitarianism is coming and, "as the economy worsens, which they can engineer with their Federal Reserve friends, people will be more accepting of such things as euthanasia on the elderly and terminally ill, the insane, the feeble-minded and the chronically ill." Vaccines are also one of Blaylock's many targets. He insinuates that the H1N1 virus may be the product of some pharmaceutical research project gone awry, or that it may even be a man-made virus purposely released by someone with the "Illuminati Depopulation Agenda." Blaylock appears regularly on right-wing radio programs such as the Alex Jones Show, where the popular topics are climate-change fraud and the supposed erosion of civil liberties under Obama.

This exemplary physician has also released a document about what people should do if they are vaccinated by force, a ridiculous notion.

To counter the dangerous effect of the vaccine, Blaylock suggests immediately placing a cold pack on the site of injection, taking cold showers, and ingesting a host of dietary supplements, ranging from fish oils and vitamins to astaxanthin and zinc.

And talking about supplements, this altruist icon also sells his own line of products, including Brain Repair Formula. There is no clinical evidence for its efficacy, and if Blaylock takes it himself, which I assume he must, there is at least some anecdotal evidence for it not working.

Horowitz, a former dentist, makes Blaylock look like an intellectual colossus. He believes that an international drug ring operating in New York is behind the origin of H1N1 swine flu, as well as behind its alleged prevention via vaccination. He, too, maintains that the aim is to decimate the population.

There's more. Listen to the man: "In the beginning there was only God and the 'word.' Word is sound, and sound is electromagnetic frequency. (That, as any high school student can tell you, is nonsense.) "The world began when the Creator's word acted on water, that is sound frequencies based on physics and mathematics were applied to water." This genius has now found a way to bring heaven to Earth with his "Water Resonator," which "displays the precise sound frequencies of universal creation to restore nature's resonance energy and electromagnetic purity of water." And what is it? It's a sticker that you apply to a jug of water. Of course, you can also apply it to acupuncture points for an "energetic blessing." Hallelujah! Then there's Kilde, a former provincial medical officer in Finland, whose video interview is splattered all over the Web. Again, the H1N1 vaccine was designed to diminish world population and put billions of dollars into the coffers of pharmaceutical companies and of Donald Rumsfeld, who "owns one." (Ridiculous.) According to Kilde, children and pregnant women are to get the vaccine first because this is the best way to eliminate the next generation. The good doctor's wisdom is also demonstrated by her belief that the Nazis visited the moon in the 1940s, that the U.S. government has inserted microchips into babies for future mind control, and that extraterrestrials have saved her life three times, once by using a force field to deflect an elk that jumped in front of her car.

So whose advice should we take about vaccination? That of mental Goliaths like Blaylock, Horowitz and Kilde, or that of the immunologists, virologists, toxicologists and epidemiologists at the World Health Organization, the Centres for Disease Control, Health Canada and leading universities.

You be the judge.

I'll be rolling up my sleeve.


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