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The Trashman (aka Anton Dunn) is a 42 year old "comedian" and nigra troll who recently got partyvanned for a well-publicized hoax on YouTube. Trashman claimed to have poisoned thousands of bottles of Gerber's baby food with cyanide in an effort to kill millions of black babies and faced up to 10 years in prison. He pleaded guilty and got one year in prison, three years probation and mental health counseling. The Trashman was indeed a troll but the nature of his satire was risque and the very definition of the drama bomb. He had a tendency to cause massive butthurt on the tubes, staging numerous hoaxes and goading retarded YouTubers on a regular basis. The authorities didn't seem to see it this way though (Protip: they never do) and it wasn't long before he got caught. He also operates a low-budget porn site for a living and states on his MySpace profile that he is an "Adult website owner looking to network with people in the porn and music world."


The video that got him v&

District Court felony complaint papers
District Court felony complaint papers

In a series of videos he release from April to July, 2008, he detailed a plan to poison Gerber's baby food products. Gerber was not amused and FDA didn't see it as such either. FDA agents took notice and tracked Dunn via a web site registered in his name - - a website he had streamed across the bottom of some of his videos. Dunn has apparently been arrested 3 times in the past year as well on charges unrelated to his video making and the sentence he received for his Baby Food hoax probably means he won't be making more gay porn any time soon, just blowing bubba.

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The AIDS videos

Lol baleeted.

Back in April, 2008 Trashman released another hoax video wherein he claimed to have infected between 12,000 - 15,000 women with his potent black AIDS semen. In the video, he basically just reads a list of names of black chicks he claims to have given the AIDS and then goes off on a tirade about how retarded they are to engage in unsafe sex. The tubes are still cluttered with lulzy and indignant responses to both his AIDS videos and his baby food videos.


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