The Chartjackers – Stars of YouTube Going for No.1

The Chartjackers – Stars of YouTube Going for No.1

Since the meteoric rise of YouTube and Twitter there have been several collaborative internet projects; maybe you’ve seen the auditions for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra, or contributed a line or two to the Twitter Opera.

BBC Switch has been running an ambitious project over the past few weeks, uniting four young British YouTube stars in a mission to reach number one in the charts, and all in aid of Children In Need.

The team has been dubbed “The Chartjackers”.  Just look at them: all boiling over with youthful zeal and exuberance, and not looking intimidated by the task ahead in the slightest.


Charlie, Alex, Johnny and Jimmy have over 17 million YouTube channel views between them, with a combined subscriber total that tops 200,000.  The hope is that the boys can translate their on-line fan base into real life sales of their track, but there is a catch.  They had just ten weeks to get the online community to write a song then find some talented musicians to perform it, record and produce the track then shoot and edit the video.

The only resource at the Chartjackers’ disposal was the internet (though they did receive some friendly tips from the likes of Chesney Hawkes) but with less than two weeks to go before their song goes on sale they appear to have a finished product.

All proceeds from the single will go to Children In Need, so instead of sponsoring the office joker to take a bath in a tub of Heinz’s finest, why not part with 79 of your heard earned pence to help these guys reach number one.

The single “I’ve got nothing” will be out on the 9th of November.  Till then here’s a video of the Chartjackers in action:

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