Tommy DreamerStats
Height: 6 foot 2
Weight: 255 pounds
From: Yonkers, N.Y.
Signature Move: Dreamer Driver, DDT
Career Highlights: ECW Champion, ECW Tag Team Champion, WWE Hardcore Champion
Entrance Video: WATCH

Debuting in 1993, Tommy Dreamer is the longest tenured Original in ECW. His blue collar ethic is something that all aspire to, and it finally paid off when he won the ECW World Title from Tazz in 2000.

The first wrestler ever to kick out of “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka’s Superfly Splash, Dreamer is often considered the heart of ECW for his loyalty and devotion. He is best remembered for his long-term rivalries and classic matches with Sandman and Raven.

The 14-time WWE Hardcore Champion would have an integral role in the revival of ECW when he helped Paul Heyman book the inaugural One Night Stand. As soon as the ECW brand was back in full swing, Dreamer was there. It would be hard to ever imagine ECW without Tommy Dreamer.

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