2 SI  Company Profile



Two Stroke International’s 40,000+ square foot manufacturing complex.


Two Stroke International (2si), a solely owned enterprise of AMW Cuyuna Engine Company, Inc., designs, manufactures, and sells lightweight gasoline and unique diesel-fuel engines of 7 to 100+ horsepower, and related peripheral equipment.

 COMPANY EXPERTISE:  2si designs and manufactures lightweight engines and peripheral equipment in Beaufort, SC.  2si offers not only traditional gasoline-powered engines but also an exclusive and revolutionary spark-ignited multi-fuel/diesel engines. 2si also designs, integrates, and manufactures peripheral equipment including gearboxes, belt drives, jet pumps, generators, pumps, and other mounts and interfaces, to meet client’s specific needs.  More than 20,000 engines have been sold over the past 20 years.

 MARKETS:  The 2si engines and peripheral equipment are ideal for those applications that require lightweight, high power to weight density, heavy-duty engines and especially, robust lightweight diesel/multi-fuel engines.  These applications include equipment such as drone aircraft (UAV), all terrain vehicles (ATV), small boats and tenders, hovercraft, airboats, portable and transportable military equipment, portable generators and pumps/fire pumps, portable and transportable industrial equipment, and other applications that require lightweight power and that benefit from multiple fuel power.  Markets that require diesel-fuel-driven engines; either for safety from explosive gasoline such as frontline battlefield equipment, or for fuel-availability in places where only diesel fuel is readily available, or as an operational cost advantage where gasoline sells at a premium price can benefit from the extraordinary lightweight diesel-fuel versions of the 2si engines.

HISTORY:   The AMW Cuyuna Engine Company, Inc. that later adopted the name Two Stroke International (2si) combined and improved designs from the AMW Engine Company from Spartanburg, SC and the Cuyuna Engine Company (AKA Scorpion Snowmobile and JLO) from Minnesota in 1994.  2si moved into their new facility in Beaufort, SC at the beginning of 1995 and has since shipped several thousand gasoline and diesel-fuel engines to the United States military and other clients around the world.  2si employs the  *patented F.A.S.T. fuel-delivery technology from Piaggio in Italy.  The 2si series of engines are exclusive, light-weight, low-compression, spark-ignited, multi-fuel engines using F.A.S.T. technology that burn several types of diesel fuel including JP5, JP8, Jet A, DF1, DF2, in addition to gasoline.


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