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About I-PASS


I-PASS is the Illinois Tollway’s electronic toll collection system that makes Tollway travel easier, safer, and quicker. It eliminates the wait at the gate by allowing I-PASS users to cruise by the cash plaza in the Open Road Tolling lanes. Plus, when you use I-PASS you pay half the toll—saving you time and money.

Commercial vehicle drivers should also refer to the Commercial Vehicle section of the website for more specific information.

The Transponder

When you sign-up for I-PASS you receive a little white plastic device called a Flatpak Transponder that you mount on your windshield. When you approach the toll in an I-PASS lane, signals are sent to your transponder to “wake up” the “sleeping battery” which is why you must properly mount your transponder. As you pass through the lane the appropriate toll from your pre-paid account is deducted.

Some windshields and cars with special features such as GPS require an exterior transponder called a License Plate Tag (LPT). To learn more about LPTs and other types of transponders, please visit the I-PASS FAQ page in this section.

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Your Account

A refundable deposit of $10 and $40 in pre-paid tolls is charged at the time of purchase for automatic replenish accounts. If you choose to have a manual replenishment account, your deposit becomes $20. Automatically replenishing your I-PASS account is easy. Just register a credit or debit card to your I-PASS account at the time of activation. Each month, your minimum balance and replenishment amounts are recalculated based on the average usage during the previous six months.

Paying by credit card, check or cash is accepted at any of our Customer Service Center stores. We also offer I-PASS Gift Cards which can be purchased at Jewel-Osco locations.

Refer to the Customer Service Page for more information about replenishing your balance and managing your account.

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Paying Tolls

With I-PASS paying tolls couldn’t be easier. Open Road Tolling allows I-PASS users to cruise the Tollway without changing lanes or slowing down to pay a toll. If, however, you are exiting near a mainline toll, you can still use I-PASS at any lane at the cash plaza. Also, when you exit the Tollway at a ramp with a toll, you can use whichever lane is best for your direction of travel or has the shortest line. I-PASS keeps traffic moving. For more information about using I-PASS on the road, visit the I-PASS 101 page.

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Out of State Travelers

If you aren’t from Illinois but will be traveling our Tollway system, you too can save time and money with I-PASS. There are no special rules or additional fees for travelers residing outside of Illinois. If you are from the east coast, you can use your EZ-Pass on the I-PASS system which includes the Illinois Tollway and Chicago Skyway.