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A KOOKy few weeks ahead

29 August 2008 
by Amelia
Well, today Robbie Marieke and the Doctor checked out for 2 weeks, and I'm still here hosing everything down for the sweet gorgeous Gaby Brown, who'll be waking you up from Monday.

It was a pretty fun morning. I always like Fridays because of the Like a Version guests, and the Employee of the Week (Dools will just *never* win that one) and of course the funtastic Friday F***wit.

So the best news: We can now have the Like a Version cover part up for you to listen to again - on demand. YAY! If you missed The Kooks this morning, you can listen to it again and again!

They were really nice boys! Luke and Hugh from the band played MGMT's song 'Kids' and it sounded GREAT!

Robbie, Luke, Marieke and Hugh are giving you the thumbs up for relistening to the Kooks cover of MGMT!

+ Listen (windows media)

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  • Tmeagan :

    04 Aug 2009 10:27:27am

    Can I vote Dools for Friday F Wit for his crap segment on who people have egged yesterday? If I wanted to listen to that crap I'd pod cast some Kyle and Jackie O.... Now lucky for you I wont get into the conditions the poor chickens are caged to lay eggs only to have losers throw them about the streets and at people...

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  • spuddy ®:

    06 Sep 2008 4:38:09pm

    A brilliant version, LOVE IT. Acoustic has done this song justice.

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  • postmodern ®:

    30 Aug 2008 8:06:55pm

    Trying to stream Kooks' cover of MGMT on with OSX on a Macbook. The message when I download the link is "The movie could not be opened. The file is not a move file." I have Windows Media Play and Flip4Mac loaded. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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