Worst Game of the Year

Publisher: Dreamworks Interactive
Developer: Dreamworks Interactive

"It is not fun. It is monotonous and tedious to the point of nausea."
- Elliott Chin, GameSpot Review

Of all the games released this year, none was as ill-received and terrible as Trespasser. No game was implemented as poorly, and no game squandered its potential as much. But let's forget for the moment that it's hard to screw up a concept as cool as trouncing raptors and T. Rexes in a lost world of ancient dinosaurs. Let's forget that this game could have created a real-world environment full of living dinosaurs. That was something that was promised a year ago. But in reality, what you got was a barren world with maybe one or two dinosaurs every ten minutes. Let's forget that this game could have shown dinosaurs in all their magnificent glory, that it could have conveyed the peaceful but short-tempered demeanor of the stegosaur or the cunning, almost evil pack intelligence of the raptors. This faithfulness to conventional wisdom regarding dinosaurs was also promised. Instead, we got dinosaurs that not only looked bad, but also failed to act as Dreamworks said they would, and as our imagination expected them to.

Let's forget that the physics engine was supposed to create realistic puzzles that would challenge us and revolutionize gameplay in the first-person genre. Let's also forget that this game's graphics were supposed to blow us away, with their skin- and muscle-based animation system. Forget all the lofty promises and judge the game for simply what it is and not what it should have been, and you will still find Trespasser to be perhaps the biggest mistake of 1998. No game played as awfully. The interface was terrible, with that cumbersome arm and the endless frustration that came with not being able to manipulate the game world in even the most remotely satisfying fashion. A few people might argue that our criticism of this game is unfair because it wasn't meant to be an action game. It was meant to be an action-adventure. As an action game it failed. As an adventure game, we would say it fared worse. Where was the story? The intelligent puzzles? The sense of drama, urgency, exploration? Where was the fun? There's one thing we won't forget: Trespasser was undoubtedly the worst game of 1998.

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