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Whats In The Initial D Tofu Shop?:
     Well for starters, there is a section just for the show and anything else related to it. Cars, races, characters, and brief summary of each stage is there (or will be). Then, there is the movies section for any Initial D movies and any info on them. Also, any racing movies relating to drifting or good enough to make the cut will also be here. Additional to that, a section just for the manga lovers. Manga Pictures, scans, and brief summaries will be there, as well. Video games will obviously be the many (some great some not-so-good) arcade, portable, and home games along with any fan created Initial D gaming such as mods, replicas for other games, etc. We will also have a section just for the merchandise of Initial D. Nothing for sale here, just letting you know what's out there and where to get it. If we happened to own any of the items featured in merchandise there will most definitely be a review of said product and many pictures, too. Images will be for any quality Initial D images found around the net and any desktop wallpapers we make here at The Tofu Shop.  You should know this is a brand new site and is being worked on regularly so any content not up yet will be available soon so keep checking back. Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to sign guestbook.

Sincerely, Tofu Shop Owner
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Welcome to the Initial D Tofu Shop! Home is where you can find about the site, it's creator and any new additions to the site. In addition,  there will also be news about Initial D and Initial D Events, and any new Manga, Video games or episodes that come out to keep you in touch with  Mt. Akina and all your favorite cars. This is basically an information and image database.
Be a part of all this,
This site is dedicated to Initial D and all its fans, and we here at the tofu shop will do our best to keep you up to date with all the latest news on Initial D. Although we already have a few on staff we are always looking for columnists. Other people as passionate about Initial D as we all are. So If you would like to contribute please Type your email address below, select what you'd like to do and we'll get back to you. You receive credit for anything contributed.