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SuperShark Carrera Classic

August 19th, 2009 No comments

This is an email that I received back in 1993 which I saved to a text document. I was working at HP at the time but I thought this was such a great prank that I needed to find out more. Through the local PCA, I found out the details of what was done. It would seem that the guys actually phoned the Porsche factory in Germany to make sure that no damage to the car would result. The factory people, who one would expect to tell them zey ver crazy and to go bother zomeone else, actually did get back to them within something like 48 hours to assure them that the Porsche Carrera Cabriolet could in fact support the 2000lb fish

The email includes the original header as I received it, only the names have been removed to protect the innocent. Enjoy!

I heard about this on ABC News some time last week. For those who missed it, some guys at Sun played an April Fool’s joke on their boss. They removed a wall from his office, and drove his Porsche convertible inside. Then (after replacing the wall of course) they put a 200 gallon aquarium inside the Porsche and filled it with 32 freshwater sharks.

Sun produced this:

From press@relations.Corp Thu Apr  1 10:17:24 1993
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 93 07:08:25 PST

- This message has been approved for distribution to this alias-


SunTank, a division of SunStruck, Inc., today announced the availability
of a high performance portable computing system designed for the small
office environment - the SuperSHARK Carrera Classic. The new system, based
on the Convertible Office Submersible Environment (COSE) specification,
was unveiled this morning in the Mountain View office of company founder,
Andreas Fish Bechtolshiem.

"This technology is an enhanced version of our SHARKstation product
line. It shows our total commitment to 32-bite commuting and powerful
hardware," said Bechtolshiem. "And it's my favorite color, too."

The heart, or rather guts, of the system lie in its 120-Megabuck
SuperSHARK processor chip. Despite being a much smaller version of the
7-gill processor in the original SHARKstation 1 machine, the new
SuperSHARK is ferocious enough to destroy its closest competitors in
seconds.  Today the SuperSHARK was demonstrated performing at an
astounding 100-tetrabites per second.

The true beauty of the new SuperSHARK system is in its European-engineered
Carrera packaging. The sleek, aerodynamic chassis is built for high
maneuverability and has a convenient user interface. "We are delighted that
the SuperSHARK chip can deliver so much power to our stylish exterior,"
commented Hans EinFranz, project manager for Pisce, the German
hardbody manufacturer that co-designed the Carrera Classic with
Bechtolshiem. With a full 200 gallon tank capacity, front and rear
wheel stabilizers, and roomy plexiglass interior, the SuperSHARK
Carrera Classic office workstation is truly a user's dream of high
functionality at a low price. (Suggested retail: $7995, tax, license,
and dealer-installed Cabriolet top extra. Non-discountable.)

No hardware system is complete without a robust operating
environment.  The SuperSHARK-powered Carrera system runs Windows ET
from SunSlosh, a sister company of SunTank. "The WET environment
puts a whole new motif on transparent, distributed hydrokinetic computing,"
said Ned Zander, president and chief perch at SunSlosh. "Of course,
no one really knows what that means, but it sounds good.
Let's just say - the system goes fast, and it's powerful."

At the bottom of the SuperSHARK system is SunLinks, a set of
ground-level user tools for increased office productivity. The compact
SunLinks course adds even more stability and entertainment value
to the Carrera office system.

Initial market reaction for the SuperSHARK and the related technologies
has been remarkably favorable. "I saw a beta version, and I had to
have one in my office immediately," commented Lotty Varey,
Bechtolshiem's neighbor.

SunStruck executive Sturgeon McReely noted, "It's the ultimate
driving machine. Oh no, that's the other German guys. Anyway,
it's what I've been trying to develop all along - a computer
that's as easy to use as driving a car."

"This is the pinnacle of the series that I foresaw years ago,"
commented Wilhelm Glad, former user of an on-pond system.

Depending on further market acceptance, the SunTank team may introduce
an AstroSHARK server version later this summer.

         P		Copyright 4.1.93 SunTank, the totally dependent
        N O		and finally retired business unit of SunStruck, Inc.
       I   N		SunStruck, SunDunk, SunPuck, SunTank, and the
      E     D		OFFICE* logo are trademarks of SunStruck, Inc.
     C       I		SuperSHARK is a registered trademark of SHARK
    I         N		Intergalatic, Inc. The SHARK technology is based
   F           C		on a tradition first developed by the SunKit
  F             A	Racing Team who taught us all that "Friends don't
 O               R	let friends have the keys to their car."
*         	 O
 N              N	For an open look at the new SuperSHARK Carrera
  I            G	Classic convertible office environment, stop by
    E         O		building 17 in Mountain View, or call Andy
     S       L		Bechtolshiem at 800-IT-BITES.
      R     F
       U   C		To commemorate this announcement, t-shirts
         O		will be on sale at local cafeterias on April 1
and 2 (while supplies last) and afterwards through
SunWare for a limited time ($10/shirt, $12 XXL).

NOTE: for best viewing, use the southern entrance to Bldg 17, near
Bldg 15 or Great Bytes (B16).

Floating Ferrari Fools Prank

August 16th, 2009 No comments

April 1, 1987; Sun pranksters give Eric Schmidt a break. They constructed a platform inches below the water’s surface in a pond near Mountain View building 6 and placed Bill Joy’s red Ferrari on the platform. Bill later paddled a rubber dinghy out to the car, climbed in, and called for help on his cellular phone.

The color photo was printed on page 92 of the book “Open Minds” 1982-1992, the first decade milestone, Sun Microsystems, Inc., 1992.


Kermit Java Car April Fools Prank 2005

August 16th, 2009 No comments

Kermit the frog was up to no good on April Fools Day 2005. He souped up a Java car and with a little help from a dolly and Labs researchers, maneuvered through the Sun Labs hallways until he found director Glenn Eden’s office.

Here are some of the best photos of this prank.

kermit4 kermit3

kermit2 kermit1


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Sharkstation April Fools Prank

August 15th, 2009 No comments

April 1, 1991. An avid scuba diver, Wayne Rosing of Sun Labs, found his office in a fish tank at a San Francisco aquarium. The pranksters later circulated a press release about the new “Sharkstation.”

Wayne was director of Sun Labs from June 1992 to June 1993 when Bert Sutherland took over. Wayne was Director at the time of the “Great Waterfight” between Sun Labs and SunSoft on July 25, 1992.

The color photo comes from page 28 of the publication “Open Minds” 1982-1992, the first decade milestone, Sun Microsystems, Inc., 1992.

sharktank1  sharktank2

Sun Labs – Always Serious and Sober Spoof Site

August 15th, 2009 No comments

Sheri Kaneshiro sent me this website stand-in for the Sun Labs internal site that was created for April Fools day 2005.

I’m not sure who created it but I’ll bet Sheri or Charles Jackson had something to do with it.


Sun Labs web site April 1, 2005.


When landing on the site this small window popped up with the sound of a cash register.


Clicking on The Truth Revealed brought up this screen.


The 3200 pound car that sank the building


Clicking in the track your order section produced this screen.


Many other links brought up the prank confession.

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Sun Labs Casino Site April 1, 2006

August 15th, 2009 No comments

Somebody’s been messing with the Sun Labs internal web page again.

This one from April 1, 2006 promises some mighty big changes.

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