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Trade faces 'premium' DSi XL price

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Trade faces 'premium' DSi XL price

Nintendo says to expect slightly higher cost for hardware - but retail left to set the final price

The DSi XL will carry a slightly higher trade price than its predecessor DSi, MCV understands.

“There will be a slight premium on the Nintendo DSi XL trade price to retailers compared to the Nintendo DSi,” a Nintendo spokesperson told MCV on confirming that the device is to launch in the UK and Europe on March 5th.

“But as always, the final price to consumers is determined by the retailers.”

Retail sources have told MCV that they hope to price the XL at or around £149, with the DSi cost settling at around £10 to £20 less.

The DSi had no trouble carving its place in the market when it launched at the same price last year - it arrived in April 2009 and eventually accounted for 40 per cent of all DS hardware sold in the UK market in 2009 according to GfK-ChartTrack.


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