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Eco-Books and Magazines For Word and Planet Lovers

by Angela December 24th, 2008 - No Comments »

Last December Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released with pages made from post-consumer recycled paper, saving 200,000 trees in the process.  Where has the initiative for eco-friendly books gone since then?

While there hasn’t been much in the media about eco-friendly books, eco-friendly magazines shot to the top of everyone’s list in Canada at least when Canadian Geographic released an edition printed on “wheat sheet”, made with 20% wheat straw.  This was a first in the publishing industry that may not have boosted the sales of the magazine, but definitely drew notice from everyone in the publishing industry.  In addition, major booksellers have promised more prominent placement to magazines which go green and use a higher content of recycled paper.

On the eco-book front, it is initiatives from box stores that will make all of the difference.  By 2012, Indigo requires all of their book and magazine vendors to be using at least 20% post-consumer recycled content to produce their magazines and books.  If similar initiatives are rolled out from similarly sized bookstores, that may be a whole lot of trees that they end up saving.

If you want to buy eco-friendly books for a loved one or for yourself, here are a few sources:

Chelsea Green

Publishes on Environmental Topics and practices sustainable publishing.

The Green Press Initiative – Signatories
All companies listed on the above linked page have signed on to the Green Press Initiative.  Explore their site to learn more.

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