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Appeared in Hollywood Reporter May 25, 2004
Enterprise Project's 'Thank You', May 25

Open Letter to CBS and UPN
Ad placed by The Enterprise Project in The Hollywood Reporter

Appeared in Hollywood Reporter Oct, 2004
Enterprise Project's 'Welcome Back', Oct 8

Fan Groups, Sites Rally on Behalf of Enterprise (UPDATE)

UPDATE 05.28.04:  Now that Star Trek: Enterprise has been renewed by UPN for a fourth season, the Enterprise Project has placed a "Thank You" followup ad in The Hollywood Reporter.  The ad, which ran on Tuesday, May 25, can be seen in full at this link and also at

Later this month — on May 20 — UPN will announce its Fall lineup and thus confirm whether or not Star Trek: Enterprise will be renewed for a fourth season on the network. Taking their cue from the successful letter-writing campaign by fans in the 1960s to save the Original Series from cancellation after its second year, a number of grass-roots efforts have formed to make sure the network know that support for the show is strong and the audience is loyal.

"The Enterprise Project" is one of the leading efforts in this campaign. Earlier in the year this organization successfully raised the funds to place an ad in industry trade paper The Hollywood Reporter. The ad was an "Open Letter" to Dawn Ostroff, UPN President, and Les Moonves, president/CEO of umbrella network CBS, stating, "We are representative of the millions of viewers from all over the world who faithfully watch Star Trek: Enterprise, support its sponsors and highly value the series as a superior dramatic program." The ad, signed by a number of fan and fan groups, emphasized that they want to see the show enter its fourth season and beyond. (To see a full-sized image of this ad, visit this link.)

Last month the Enterprise Project took its rally to the fans in person, with a presence at Starfest 2004 in Denver, Colorado, where group founder M.J. Rogers presented a panel on "Enterprise and the Future of Trek," discussing ways for fans to promote the show. A standing-room-only crowd filled the room to discuss their feelings about the show and the franchise. In addition, the group manned a table to push its "Bug UPN" campaign, and got 500 fans to sign postcards addressed to Ostroff stating, "We're 'bugging' you to keep our Enterprise on the air!"

"The enthusiasm fans have for the series is incredible," Rogers said. "However, many fans have had no idea of the possibility that the show won't be back next season. This was an important way to get the word out, especially since UPN has said that the renewal decision would be made this month." Visit for more information.

A number of other Web sites have sprung up making similar calls for action. Among them, is encouraging fans to not only write letters but to call UPN at (310) 575-7000 and ask for the voice mail line where you can leave a message urging renewal of Enterprise. is providing a service whereby it will send postcards to key network and corporate executives on your behalf, for only the cost of postage and the postcard.

Recently USA Today ran a poll regarding several TV shows "on the bubble" of cancellation, asking respondents whether those shows should or should not be renewed. Enterprise won "enormous" support, far more than any other show in the poll (related story).

The announcement regarding renewal of Enterprise is expected to come Thursday, May 20, at UPN's "upfront sales presentation" in New York. It is that week, beginning on May 17, that all the broadcast networks will reveal their Fall schedules to the advertising community, and thus seal the fates of all their shows.

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