Coachella 2010 lineup due out Tuesday; here’s what we know!

Coachella 2010 lineup due out Tuesday; here’s what we know!

When you log onto your computer Tuesday morning, following a weekend of rest and relaxation, the 2010 lineup for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will be available for your viewing pleasure –barring any last minute problems! Of course, having just read that, you’ll probably now dedicate your entire weekend to hitting the refresh button. That’s ok, because we will be too.

Anyhow, we have spent the last few days emailing and calling anyone who may know anything, and thought we’d share the results with you ahead of the big announcement. Here’s what we know:

As mentioned, the lineup will be officially announced Tuesday morning on KROQ radio in Los Angeles. Based on past experience, we can assume the lineup will be unveiled, via or the Los Angeles Times, sometime around 12:00am PST. So, expect no sleep.

As best we can tell, the lineup should look something like this: Muse will headline Friday, while the Gorillaz will debut its latest album, Plastic Beach, by closing out the festival on Sunday. Saturday remains a bit unclear and, according to several folks with knowledge of the festival, could play out in one of two ways: A “surprise” headliner or Jay-Z, who would apparently be accompanied by Kanye West and Alicia Keys. At this moment, it is unknown who that “surprise” headliner may be or what factor will determine the two options.

Others names we expect to appear on the lineup include the Beastie Boys, Faith No More, Wilco, LCD Soundsystem, Phoenix, Spoon, Yeasayer, Hot Chip, Devo, The Dead Weather, Passion Pit, She & Him, The Big Pink, and The xx.

An appearance by Pavement, which at one point appeared to be a given before rumors surfaced the band would not be playing, still remains a possibility. According to a person familiar with the band’s plans, “don’t count them out.”

A separate source has told us that Radiohead’s Thom Yorke is set to appear at Indio for a solo performance, however, we have been unable to confirm this.

We’ll of course continue working throughout the weekend and will let you know as soon as we hear more. Be sure to check out our Coachella Outlook page for all the latest lineup news and rumors.

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61 Responses to &#8220Coachella 2010 lineup due out Tuesday; here’s what we know!”

  1. i hope sweet leaf will be there they have the best organic salads and smoothies

  2. I grow tired of seeing Bowie’s name up there.

  3. How about a 4th fake?


  5. Thom Yorke is a definite.

    Pearl Jam.. don’t sleep on it.

  6. looks pretty good Johnny, id believe it.

  7. Leaked lineup or fake? You make the call.

    It looks completely legit to me.

  8. It’s fake, somebody on the boards made it a few weeks ago

  9. ist this fake? it says NMH is playing?!

  10. Mark, I agree with you! The last time I saw Daft Punk was in Miami 2006 for the Bang Festival. They are long overdue for Ultra, but so are The Chemical Brothers. :)

    See you at Ultra…this will be my 5th year. Too exciting.

  11. There will be no Daft Punk!! They are doing the 2011 soundtrack for tron and will be touring with that.. Next year is Daft Punk Year and they better be at Ultra in Miami!
    The only surprise headliner I could see is Soundgarden or Outkast which from rumors, wouldn’t be a big surprise.. I’ll be doing Bonnaroo or Rothbury this year and getting my fix of electro here in Miami at Ultra in March..

  12. LADY GAGA!!!!!!!

  13. patti fucking smith.

  14. deadmau5!

  15. L A D Y G A G A

  16. to the person below me….Coachella doesn’t need Adema, you need taste and sense.

  17. System of a down and Adema???

  18. please tell me them crooked vultures is playing

  19. That right there (post directly below) is a boner in my pants waiting to explode.

  20. Muse/Pulp/Interpol
    Jay-Z/Faith No More/Wilco
    Gorillaz/Beastie Boys/Thom Yorke

  21. Bill the reason the Avett’s are highly rumored is due to Coachella and Stagecoach always having a crossover act that plays both.

  22. Just a quick look at already announced shows that bookend the Coachella weekend in Phoenix, San Diego & L.A. gives you a pretty decent shot at guessing some acts. Vampire Weekend, Beach House, Japandroids, Yeasayer, Muse (already confirmed), Silversun Pickups and Elvis Costello are all touring through the area at that time. Would love to see the Avett Brothers at Coachella but they’re playing Stagecoach in Indio the following weekend.

  23. I so hope orbital is there

  24. Daft Punk…
    Saturday Night
    Brought to you by a dark horse prediction.

  25. I agree with Fred Jackson, Muse/Jay-Z/Gorillaz/Beasties would be great! If that happens I would cry because I cant’ go…

  26. BOWIE.

  27. @anon

    I would unironicly be in the Sahara tent for lady gaga.

  28. Well, that would be cool. But based on the recent VU “reunion” at the NYU Public Library, I’d say the likelihood of a performance is not all too great. Buy hey, we can always dream…

  29. The headliners are….

    Beastie Boys - Muse - Velvet Underground

    Gorillaz closing out following VU with Lou Reed returning to the stage.

  30. Any ideas what the potential “surprise headliner” might be?

  31. Thanks Alex

  32. lady gaga = friday’s headliner?

  33. I hope you’re wrong (with the exception of Devo and Pavement).

  34. Seriously, the Bowie question gets asked every year. Let’s just not ask it & be surprised for once, yeah? :)

  35. Re: Soundgarden - Haven’t heard anything new. Will look into it.

    I’ll update this post as soon as I hear more.

  36. Arlyn, from my recollection they usually update the poster with the new dates (like they’ve already done) but the new revamped site doesn’t come up til’ the day before or so. No need to worry.

  37. the surprise headliner is tupac

  38. Hey Paul, you suck.

  39. Good music here

  40. man it’s hard to believe the lineup will be out on tuesday and the 2010 site isn’t up. the new site is usually up weeks before the lineup is out.

  41. no mention on KROQ of Coachella line up on tuesday

  42. Hey Alex what is the status of Soundgarden playing?

  43. Sade is a big rumor! She’ll be in So Cal in April!

  44. What’s the word on:
    David Bowie
    Charlotte Gainsbourg
    Broken Social Scene
    Scott Walker
    Dizee Rascal

  45. Why wouldn’t Beastie Boys be the Saturday Headliner. They have headlined before. Either way, if thats the line-up thats pretty special. Muse/Jay-Z/Gorillaz/Beasties much better than Macca/The Cure/The Killers.

  46. Great Alex, now if Jay-Z’s there we know to be disappointed, thanks. :p

  47. Re: Jay-Z

    You would think, but he is a “Plan B” option. Plus, I think the Kanye & Keys connection is a nice bonus.

  48. Any news on Sunny Day Real Estate playing?

  49. Isn’t JayZ out of the question since he’s playing LA in March???

  50. It has been said elsewhere that PiL is a lock but no mention of them on this site at all?

  51. Re: Them Crooked Vultures –

    Haven’t specifically heard their name, but I’m guess they’ll be there.

  52. No mention of Them Crooked Vultures

  53. Few things I didn’t mention in the post:

    - Haven’t heard anything on Soundgarden since I was told they were intrigued by the idea. That was last month.

    - I’ve tried my best to get info on Orbital. No one seems to know anything.

  54. Get a hobby, I promise you’ll survive the next few days…

  55. agggghhhhhhhhhhh i can’t wait.agh

  56. Why wait until Tuesday, when I can give you all official confirmation: You all have no lives.

  57. “conan vs leno (dj set)”…terrific post…

  58. Jeff Beck. Just got an e-mail from ticketmaster saying that he will be in San Diego on the Monday after Coachella.

  59. Dirty Projectors?

  60. I’d have to give the edge to leno in that DJ set as he could be playing and use his chin to flip switches as well. It would be like a third hand.

  61. Conan vs Leno (dj set)

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