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01.15.2010 2:34 pm

“Small number” laid off today at Anheuser-Busch InBev

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
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A-B InBev told Lager Heads just now that “(in) our breweries today, a small number of salaried employees were notified that their jobs were eliminated.”

The beer company revealed nothing else about the exact scope or locations of the firings.

But some additional digging by Post-Dispatch staff added some more hints of detail. It wasn’t a mass layoff, as Missouri state officials say they did not receive a WARN act notice as required by law for most large-scale layoffs. And union workers in St. Louis apparently were not among those hit, according to Brewers and Malters Local No. 6.

Still, the interweb is burning up with rumors. Here is a tweet claiming six layoffs at A-B’s brewery in Baldwinsville, N.Y. And another tweet giving life to third-hand word that 500 were fired.

Full text of A-B InBev’s statement:

As an ongoing practice, we continually assess our resources to reflect our current business strategies and needs.  In some areas of the business, we are making operational changes that may result in selected job eliminations or additions in various locations.

In our breweries today, a small number of salaried employees were notified that their jobs were eliminated. These were difficult decisions to make, but important for the organization.

We will always be challenging ourselves to find better ways to run our business.

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People fired at ABInbev, no surprise there. . .

— Muleskinner
2:57 pm January 15th, 2010

2 fired at newark

— Inbred
3:03 pm January 15th, 2010

Never heard of this dump of a company. I only drink Schlafly.

— Who's A-B?
3:07 pm January 15th, 2010

This sort of thing makes me nervous about interviewing down there. i interviewed just recently and I am interested to know why they didnt try to re-hire those people that were let go when the merger took place. Even if they received less pay, hey a paycheck is better than no paycheck and they would have the opportunity to move up again. Which turns me to why Im scared if I get offered the job. I have never been laid off and Im not about to start. I may hate my job but at least its a job and I receive a decent paycheck to feed my family.

— Jetman7060
3:08 pm January 15th, 2010

Just wondering. In the past AB has always been the leader of the pack in donating canned water for disasters. I have not heard anything in the news about AB InBev doing anything in this disaster. Is that the new philosophy of AB InBev?

— ?????
3:09 pm January 15th, 2010

Who’s A-B: people are losing jobs, have some respect…

— biggdunc
3:10 pm January 15th, 2010

“…or additions in various locations.”

That’s very true. They just recently recruited from my university. Students recruited several years ago are still working there. However, this company is not the place to be in the long run. Once you start becoming a substantial cost and unable to be moved around easily, I would start looking around for other opportunities.

— John
3:12 pm January 15th, 2010


If you are an entry-level type, then you shouldn’t be concerned at all. It’s just that you probably shouldn’t plan on being there for your whole career like employees before the buyout.

— John
3:15 pm January 15th, 2010

what john said. They’ll hire entry level people for entry level pay. A few years down the road you’ll be expecting a raise, or promotion, but what you’ll get is your walking papers, so they can hire an entry level person for entry level pay.

— b
3:27 pm January 15th, 2010

Inbev will probably never lay off again in which they have to file a WARN.
Jetman they are eliminating the higher cost employees. They will continue to hire in from universities at low wages but once YOU cross that salary and benefit line they deem unreasonalble they will kick you to the curb like a rented mule.
?????? not a so much as a can of water has been donated to Haiti, that costs money and returns no stockholder value. Repeat after me ?????. Stockholder value, Stockholder value, Stockholder value. Inbev could really careless if people are dying in the streets. If I were a betting man I bet he doesn’t even know it happened.

— jyh
3:27 pm January 15th, 2010

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