Alexis Ford


She has blonde hair, blue eyes, is 5’5, weighs 120 pounds, and is twenty-one years old. She’s also all natural, beautiful, funny and smart. She loves the New York Yankees, thin crust pizza and partying at the hottest clubs.  She just started in the industry, loves sex and signed a contract with Adam & Eve. Sounds like the perfect All American, Uptown Girl, doesn’t she? She is. Meet Alexis Ford!

Interview By Cindi Loftus
Photos Courtesy of Adam & Eve
©2009 Xcitement Magazine




She has blonde hair, blue eyes, is 5’5, weighs 120 pounds, and is twenty-one years old. She’s also all natural, beautiful, funny and smart. She loves the New York Yankees, thin crust pizza and partying at the hottest clubs.  She just started in the industry, loves sex and signed a contract with Adam & Eve. Sounds like the perfect All American, Uptown Girl, doesn’t she? She is. Meet Alexis Ford!

Interview By Cindi Loftus
Photos Courtesy of Adam & Eve
©2009 Xcitement Magazine

Adult Fun 411: Congratulations on your contract with Adam & Eve!
Alexis: Well thank you!
411: Are you excited?
A: I am really excited and surprised but I couldn’t be happier with my company. They treat me like family and I did my first boy/girl scenes for them. Everything is going so well and it’s been a great time and everyone is so professional. It really made my first boy/girl experience good.
411: Where were you born and raised?
A: I was born and raised in Ridgewood, NY, that’s in Queens.
411: So do you still live in NYC?
A: Yes. I live in Manhattan. I love New York. I think it’s the best city. It never sleeps.
411: Well you are lucky to be there. I would much rather have Christmas in NY. Christmas in LA & Florida just doesn’t feel like Christmas.
A: My webmaster is in LA, so I stayed out there with him for the last three weeks. New York is definitely the best place to spend Christmas. They do all the windows up with decorations. Lord & Taylor has a different scene every year. Everyone is in their Christmas season shopping happy mood. There are great sales. There is the Rockefeller Center tree and ice-skating. I love Christmas here.
411: I’m originally from upstate NY, so I know what real Christmas is like too. There needs to be cold weather to go with the lights on the trees. Lights on Palm trees just don’t do it for me.
A: I know. I’ve had some Christmases in Miami and it is definitely different during the holidays.
411: Did you like it?
A: I loved living in Miami. I partied a little too much but I loved it.
411: Do you speak any Spanish?
A: No, but I loved the Cuban food that they had.
411: What’s great is if you want great Cuban food you don’t have to go to Cuba, just Miami. Are you going to be commuting back and forth from New York to LA? Or are you going to move out there?
A: No, I am going to stay in NY. I am going to fly back and forth. I don’t mind the traveling at all. I like it. I was scared of flying, but I am getting used to it. I like flying at night because they I fall asleep. It gives me time to think and meditate.
411: You can keep your life very separate that way also. You can have your regular life in NY and your porn life in LA.
A: Exactly. When I come back to NY I am the regular me. When I go to LA I do what I gotta to do. It’s always nice to go back home.
411: How did you get into porn?
A: My sister was an adult model in 2002, her name was Elita Moore.  And my sister said you should get into the adult business. Just to do some modeling for photos. And she told me who I should work with. So I did some shoots and one was with Holly Randall. The most I had done until that time was girl/girl stuff.  I did only about five or six girl/girl scenes in total. Adam & Eve contacted Brand Danger from seeing that shoot on line, to see if I was interested in doing boy/girl scenes for them.
411: Did Adam & Eve ask you to try out to make sure you could do boys okay before they signed you?
A: No, they didn’t. They put me through a test for a girl/girl to see how I was on set and how I am on BTS (Behind The Scenes) and stuff. And the BTS cameraman loves me because I love BTS. That is one of my favorite parts besides fucking. Meredith and Bob were both there and a few weeks later they said they were going to sign me for boy/girl. So this is like my test trial year.
411: Wasn’t it kind of scary? Who did you do your first boy/girl with?
A: My first boy/girl was with Mr. Pete, and my first girl/girl was with Lexi Belle and that was for Alexis Ford, College 2. I have such great chemistry with Mr. Pete. He did such a great job. He was really really good.
411: Well you are exactly his type if we go by his girlfriend, Alexis Texas.
A: (Laughs) I know.
411: And I guess he likes the name Alexis too.
A: I know! So he made me squirt. When you watch it you will see the energy come out. The furniture kept moving. It was a hot scene. And my first movie that’s going to be released is called American Made, Alexis Ford and that’s with Tommy Gunn and will be released January 27th. I am really excited about that one, because that was a bigger movie, more script. It was a lot of fun. I am proud of myself for both of them. In that one I got a nice facial and I had some good catch phrases in there. I had cum all over my face and I was smiling and I looked at the camera and said “Now that is American Made!”
411: (laughs) That’s very cool. How did you like acting?
A: I love acting. I never acted before. I am really comfortable on set and I go into this play mode. Turn me on to Alexis. I really love the acting and the hair and makeup and wardrobe because you are kind of acting like another person. Your fantasy person.
411: So you have shot 2 boy/girls so far?
A: No I shot three so far. I shot another movie called the Dog Walker and that was with Erik Masterson.
411: Have you shot with Bree Olson yet?
A: No I haven’t shot with Bree. I never shot with Kayden, and I haven’t shot with Teagan, so I am really looking forward to that. For the New Year I really want to shoot with them.
411: I know Teagan & her boyfriend Josh pretty well. Have you met them?
A: Yes we all went to Busch Gardens together in Tampa. It was a bonding experience. I got to know them. We really clicked. They are really cool, down to earth. I really want to do a movie with her.
411: Adam & Eve has great taste, and is all good people. I really like that company. Bree talks a lot on twitter, and she is really sexy in her tweets. I found out a lot about you on twitter too.
A: I have a ball on Twitter. I don’t know what my life was like before twitter.  I have definitely gotten some fans through twitter. I think it is a great way for people to get to know me before my movies come out. I do live shows for Danger Network and my twitter followers logged in to see my shows.
411: It is a great way for you to begin building a fan base. Tell me more about Danger Network.
A: Danger Network is a network of my site, Faye Reagan”s, Kayden Kross’, and Kagney Lynn Karter’s. Rodeo Danger is the webmaster. He also runs Holly’s website and I think Suze’s.
411: Did you do feature dancing before your contract?
A: No, I did regular stripping.
411: Did you work at Scores?
A: I worked at Scores for two days. Then I worked at Tootsie’s and Cheetahs in Hallandale, then I went back to NY to do bachelor parties. That was so much fun because we did live girl/girl sex shows with all the toys, strap-ones, double dongs, lap dances.
411: Did you watch porn before you were in porn?
A: I did. I wouldn’t say I was a huge porn person. But I definitely loved watching it. I love Jenna Jameson and think she is an icon in porn. She just made an empire for herself that is incredible.
411: I like her too.
A: My sister actually did a girl/girl video with jessica drake. It would be funny if I worked with her and she banged both sisters.
411: Who are your fantasy girls & guys that you want to do scenes with?
A: For guys, from what I have heard, I would say Rocco Reed.
411: Yes, yes, yes!
A: And Manuel Ferrara is hot. For girls, besides Bree & Teagan I would say, Sasha Grey. I think she’s hot.
411: She’s hot in a different kind of way. You two would make a very nice combination.
A: She has a nice round booty. And I would say Jenna Haze and one of the Wicked Girls.
411: Kaylani is hot. Well actually, they all are hot. Seems like you are picking a lot of natural girls. You like girls with real boobs better?
A: I don’t mind fake boobs, but I like to keep it more natural, they feel nicer. And I definitely like pretty girls.
411: What is the craziest place you ever did it?
A: Well the craziest place I’ve ever done it was in a nightclub, in the men’s bathroom. And we got kicked out of the nightclub for having sex.
411: They caught you?
A: Yep. And we said fuck this shit. I was so horny so there was a car in front of the nightclub so I spread my legs on the car and said “Finish fucking me NOW!” So he dropped a load inside of me, and it was pouring out all over the car.
411: Was this in New York? Or LA?
A: In New York.
411: Oh, you bad girl. Were there people around?
A: Yeah! It is an infamous story, infamous. People think I am crazy.
411: How did they find out your were fucking in the bathroom to get you kicked out? Security cameras?
A: I was making too much fucking noise. Oh God.
411: That’s funny. And what makes it go from bad to worse is at least you were in the bathroom where there wasn’t a hundred people that could see you. But you moved outside where everyone could see you.
A: So I was in the bathroom and then came outside and then left a load on someone’s car.
411: Was it a nice car?
A: It was a nice car.
411: There is probably a rust spot right there on his car now.
A: (Laughs) Yeah.
411: And now he reads this story and says, wait a minute, oh shit, when was that? Has anything funny happened to you on the set when you were working?
A: Oh yeah, let me tell you this story. I was on a David Lord set for the Dog Walker. I had just finished fucking Erik Masterson, and I am swearing, starving, hungry. And they had ordered chicken and rice while I was fucking. So I was so hungry I just was eating it, and eating it and a chicken bone gets lodged in my throat. I almost died on the set. I had to pick it out of my fucking throat! So for Behind the Scenes, I did the Chicken Dance.
411: (Laughs) So now are you afraid to eat chicken?
A: No. I just know not to eat chicken after having sex for forty-five minutes when you are starving. Especially not to eat it like a raging wolf, shoving it all in your mouth.
411: It’s a good thing someone didn’t have to do the Heimlich Maneuver on you. Can you imagine that on the BTS?
A: That would not be good.
411: Now that you are in porn, I am sure you are getting a lot of advice, like don’t do this, or make sure you do this. So tell me what you are hearing?
A: One thing about me not living in LA is that I’m not around much of the porn community. So I haven’t gotten that much advice. But I hear high school shit, don’t talk to this one, this one doesn’t like you.
411: Have you gotten any good advice?
A: To make a NO list and to stick to it. If anything happens that I don’t like to say something.
411: Yes you should definitely stick up for yourself.
A: And to save my money!
411: I have some advice for you.  If you are ever in a situation and you aren’t sure how to handle it, always think WWJD, What Would Jenna Do.
A: (Laughs)
411: But truthfully, when you are coming into the business as an Adam & Eve contract girl you don’t have too much to worry about.
A: My standards are starting off kind of high.
411: Yes, you are starting at the top. Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
A: One of my fantasies is to get fucked anally by a man in uniform. I was in the airport yesterday, and there were so many guys from the army, I wanted to just bang them all. There are so hot. I love uniformed men. That is my biggest fantasy, to fuck a few guys in uniform at the same time.
411: Sounds like a movie is going to come out of that one. Alexis in the Military. What would be even cooler is if you could get some actual real military men to be in it. If you announced that, you would have a thousand people lined up outside.  What do you think about when you masturbate?
A: I think about my orgasms. (Laughs) When I masturbate I orgasm pretty quickly with my wand. I can think about fucking ants and I will still cum. (Laughs) But most likely I am thinking about a really good sexual time I have had with someone, or a big fat penis.
411: Are you talking about a Hitachi?
A: Yes and I am very fucking sad because I just left it on one of my last photo shoots. So I am going to have to find a new one.
411: They probably have a Hitachi 4 point O by now.
A: What happened was that I had a vibrator and I wasn’t orgasming anymore from it. My pussy got used to it and I couldn’t orgasm. So what the fuck man, I can’t cum. And I have to masturbate a few times a day because I get sexually frustrated and I need to cum because my orgasms come so hard that they are a relief, and I LOVE masturbating.
411: I think you have found your dream occupation.
A: I know. Someone told me I was a sex addict.
411: No, cause sex addicts don’t enjoy sex, they just feel compelled to keep doing it. If you enjoy it your not a sex addict. Maybe a nympho, but there is nothing wrong with that. That’s a good thing.
A: (Laughs) I had a guy that once slept over my house and I had to fuck him five times. And he said all right I can’t keep fucking you, I’m not going to have any energy for the day. I said I don’t give a fuck, shut the fuck up and just fuck me.  Shove your dick in me and shut up.
411: Guys must hate you. You are so bossy!
A: I am a little bossy when it comes to sex. I will tell them what to do. Shut the fuck up and put your dick in me, I don’t care if you want to fuck me or not.
411: They are going to whether they want to or not.
A: Yeah.
411: Back to your Hitachi. I was just talking to Mariah Milano, who uses a Hitachi and I told her that I use a pocket rocket. And she said that is what you use until you advance until the Hitachi.
A: Oh. Cause the pocket rocket was what I was talking about, what I used to use.  I can’t believe it doesn’t make me cum anymore.
A: I am getting horny right now while I am talking to you, thinking about my Hitachi.
411: I love horny girls! So you have your belly button pierced?
A: Yes and my ears and my clit hood.
411: And do you have any tattoos?
A: I have three. I have a fairy right above my pussy; that sprinkles fairy dust into my pussy. I have a heart on my wrist and a butterfly that’s behind my neck but nobody can really see it.
411: So is the fairy is covered by your bush?
A: It is right where my bikini line starts and goes down to right above my clit.
411: Didn’t’ that hurt like hell to get that?
A: No. That tickled. My wrist hurt the most. The one on my neck took four hours. That was the longest one.
411: What are you like in real life? What do you do for fun? Do you hang out with your family? Your friends in New York City?
A: Well definitely I am one of the coolest fucking down to earth chicks. I make friends everywhere I go. I am not even exaggerating. I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve made in bathrooms.
411: (Laughs) You do a lot of interesting things in bathrooms.
A: I know! Me and the bathroom have a connection! I love going out having a good time, partying. But I’m not a party animal. I used to be. But I love going out and having a great time. I love going shopping, to the movies. I like relaxing, hanging out at my house, hanging out with my friends.
411: Do you have a message for your fans?
A: I want my fans to know that I love all of them and appreciate them following me, and they can follow me up close and in detail on My website is coming out now and it will be That will have live shows, updates, webcams, I am going to do one or two live webcam shows a week. Definitely look out for me in the new year. I am up and coming and going to rock the porn industry!