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The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes

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Be Your Own Puppetmaster

Wish you had the world on a string, like Eric Doyle? Now you can. Play

Games and Activities

Test your reflexes and heroes knowledge with exciting new games and some old favorites.

  1. 1 • Suresh's Loft
  2. 2 • heroes Verses
  3. 3 • Steal Kensei's Sword - Niki Demo
  4. 4 • Abilities Quiz
  5. 5 • heroes Evolutions

Featured Games

heroes Versus

Create and vote on VS match-ups between your favorite herores. Play

Abilities Quiz        

Are you a hero? Take the quiz to discover for yourself. Play

Steal Kensei's Sword - Niki's Demo

Battle goons to find the treasure... on your mobile phone. Play

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Nerd Herd Play

Chork Play

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