Adventure 10:
Jaws of the Sarlacc
It all comes down to this. Can the heroes save the galaxy from a massive Imperial superweapon? Can they defeat the traitorous Admiral Varth and the vile dark Inquisitor Draco? Can they show that even the mighty Empire can be beaten? Find out in Jaws of the Sarlacc, the tenth and final adventure in the Dawn of Defiance campaign!

25 to Rescue

Can clone defenders stop Separatist droids from capturing Republic civilians and shipping them offworld?
The Dawn of Defiance Campaign

Everything you need to play in the new campaign!
Galaxy at War
Miniatures Preview 6

Aqualish Technician and Treadwell Droid
Galaxy at War
Miniatures Preview 5

Clone Trooper with Repeating Blaster and Elite Senate Guard


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