Tattler Web Site Outs Workers Seen Visiting Bare Baristas

Posted: 3:11 pm PST November 12, 2009

Local business owners said they're considering legal action over a Web site that calls for boycotts of companies whose employees have been seen patronizing racy barista stands.

David Rimbaugh started Bel-Kirk Heating and Air Conditioning seven years ago after 30 years of working for someone else.

Rimbaugh said his reputation is on the line over one cup of coffee he purchased from a bikini barista.

Rimbaugh's is one of several businesses listed on the Web site, ,, that's allegedly had a company vehicle spotted in the drive-up windows of local barista stands the Web site organizers consider lewd.

"If a service truck goes to the coffee stand, and a guy gets some sort of a show from a girl, and then that same guy is coming into your house to do your cable, electric, whatever it may be, we think consumers have the right to know," boycott organizer Shahram Hadian told KIRO 7 morning anchor Chris Egert.

Rimbaugh said those who run the site are passing judgment on the act of getting a beverage.

"Well, wait a minute, what kind of story is that? That's an immediate judging of just getting a cup of coffee. I am this negative person? Don't think so," said Rimbaugh.

Hadian insisted that business owners are given a fair chance to respond, and even an attempt is made on his part to reach the companies before they end up on the Web site.

"We are trying to call them and say, 'Hey, are you aware your employees are frequenting these types of businesses?'" Hadian said.

Rimbaugh said his company has yet to be contacted.

Rimbaugh said he's been contacted by other companies on the site's list that are considering a class-action lawsuit against the boycott organizers.

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