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Skins on Windows Live Messenger

Steve Forde
27/02/09 at 3:57 pm

Recent research has shown us that fans of Skins use Windows Live Messenger whilst they are watching the show.

So we have created an experience that fans can take part in whilst they are watching the show. Skins Messenger is a “live bot” which fires out messages related to specific scenes in the show. The bot tells its friends on Messenger about music, styling, and behind the scenes gossip. Plus, during ad breaks, the bot prompts users to watch exclusive video through the activity window on Messenger. This is the first time that Messenger has ever been used to deliver a true cross-platform experience for Channel 4.

The take-up for the Live Bot has been fantastic. Almost 20,000 Skins fans have added the bot to their Messenger, and we have sent out nearly 2.5 million messages. 17,000 users have downloaded Skins Messenger backgrounds and we have had over 3,000 comments through the service.

We are really pleased with the success so far and will be looking at other opportunities to develop synchronous viewing experiences.

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