Roll over to see it fully contracted

The enclosures use pneumatic muscles to animate movements of the forms over time.

Sleep/Wake Membrane "Blue X"

This is the first construction in a series of three bed enclosures tentatively named:

"Blue X"
"Red Y"
"Yellow Z"

This project was concocted by Flora McGarrell on the advice of Ann McGarrell, and with the invaluable design & engineering help of Brian Stansbury who implemented the pneumatic muscles.

It is currently on view at "Domystique" a show in the A+D gallery at Columbia College until April 25.


Close-up of passage valve

View from inside looking forward

Book informs design process for the purpose of the exhibition.


View from inside looking at the back to fan that provides the low-pressure structural support that resists the clenching of the high-pressure muscle system.

Air mattress concealed in floor pocket for comfort.


A viewer making an unconventional "breech" type egress


Post-apocalytic potential

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