Haiti Earthquake Emergency

Last updated: January 18, 2010 at 4:43 p.m. Pacific Time.

Authorities are now estimating that 1.5 million people are homeless following last week's 7.0-magnitude earthquake in Haiti.  An estimated 200,000 people were killed, and surviving victims are now beginning to follow suit, dying from starvation, dehydration, illness, and injuries suffered during the quake.

Islamic Relief emergency-disaster specialists have arrived in Haiti's capital of Port-au-Prince, where the smell of rotting corpses and lack of food, water, medicine, and shelter have forced people to wander into the countryside.  Many of them have nowhere to go.

Thousands upon thousands of the estimated 3 million earthquake-affected people are sleeping in the streets and in makeshift shelters, waiting for international aid to save them.

Islamic Relief aid workers are currently conducting needs-assessments and are working on project proposals to help in the relief effort.

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Islamic Relief USA initially launched a $1 million appeal to help the victims, but raised it to $2.5 milion in the wake of the tragedy.  Islamic Relief USA is also preparing a shipment of $1 million worth of much-needed supplies.

Please donate today to help Haiti's earthquake-affected people survive and rebuild their lives.

Every part of Port-au-Prince was either damaged or destroyed by the quake. Homes, schools, hospitals, even the National Palace where the president resides, were all decimated.

Injured children that lost contact with their parents are taking refuge in collapsed buildings and under debris.

Haiti’s infrastructure is already very modest and has now been brought to its knees by the quake.  Disease, hunger and lawlessness are taking their toll on the people.

Donate today, to help maximize Islamic Relief's response.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, and is also one of the most densely populated and least developed.  Nearly 80 percent of Haiti's 9 million people live in poverty.

Please help the victims and donate to Islamic Relief’s Emergency fund today.

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