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Rebellion's Original Aliens vs. Predator To Be Re-Released

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In the near future, Rebellion will re-release the original Aliens vs. Predator (the PC version, not the Jaguar one) through Steam. Initially, the budget-priced re-issue will only include single-player campaigns, with multiplayer patched in at a later date:

Initially the game will ship with the single-player mode only with a free patch that enables multiplayer following soon after. Rebellion's CEO Jason Kingsley said that Aliens vs. Predator's budget price will reflect this, telling IGN "It'll be very cheap – and it shows it's age a little bit, but it is frightening and it is difficult. We will in due course fix up the multiplayer – and we'll make sure it's a free download."

There are currently no plans to bring the game to Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network although this could change soon.

Expect its release to occur on Steam sometime before the new game's February 16th launch.

Update: Fancy that, it's already out!

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Jan 15 2010, 10:43 AM

I like this idea, and i'll probably pick it up if its cheap.

I've had a desire to replay it, but obviously my original copy of it doesn't run on Vista.

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