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Mar 15, 2009


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I'm looking forward to the 3rd Darkglass Mountain book for a plane trip to the USA.
Sorry to hear the Trilogies have become too much work and too little fun. If they're not fun to write then I wouldn;t wish them on you Sara. But they have been fun to read!

Ive been reading your books since I was 17, I picked up on quite by random while I was in Belguim on a college trip - and have been hooked ever since! I got up to date pretty quickly, and since awaited the new releases of your books every year more than any other =] You are easily my favourite author, it's been such a joy to read your work. I've even planned a trip to london to try and visit the places mentioned in your 'Troy Game' series.

I am sorry to hear of your recent battle with cancer, and of the stress your writing have caused you. I just wanted to thank you for all the work you've put in, and to wish you well <3

Lots of love! xxx
-Holly, UK

I happened to stumble on your books by complete chance and i am glad that i did. I think that you are a wonderful writer. You have a way of making the person that is reading your books feel as if they are part of the story. I Love all of your Axis books and now i am waiting in high anticipation for The Infinity Gate to be released.

Yesterday i finished the twisted citadel and went on a mad dash to books a million and barnes and noble to find the next book. Little did i know that it is not out yet. i laughed at myself. I found your website while looking for the release date of the infinity gate and learned that you have been battling cancer. I hope all is now well. You are a wonderfully talented person. Thank you for sharing

Thank you

Christyna - USA

I only recently discovered your books and I literally devoured them! You are an absolutely fantastic and imaginative writer. I was getting anxious, waiting for the 3rd book in the Darkglass Mountain series when I found this article. Your diagnosis is devastating to hear but I wish you all the best. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Take courage and love from all of your fans!!

Been a fan for years, so are the rest of my family. Your books take pride mof place in my bookshelf, and i encourage all my friends to try them.
Cant wait for the Infinity Gate. Take very good care of yourself, and enjoy your future endeavours

I remember getting hold of the first book ever, Battleaxe, back in 1996, at a campsite in Dubbo, NSW...since that time, I have been hooked on fantasy books, strangely, usually female writers...!! I was devasted to hear about Sara's illness last year, and well, not entirely surprised that it all just became a business and the horrendous pressure and strength that goes along with be a great writier, I would assume you have to passionate about the work and its characters....However, I must say, that the Dark Glass Mountain Trilogy is a beauty so far and certainly a great series to take a bow on....sort of rounds it all off I guess going back to AXIS.....I have enjoyed the last 13 years of Sara's books immensely...I look forward to the offerings that Sara writes in the coming years. Linda, UK

I originally grabbed your Wayfarer Redemption a few years back because I liked the cover and when I read the back it looked interesting. I didn't read it right away but when I did I became hooked and read the whole series at once. I'm currenting reading the Troy Game series and I admire all of the research you've put into them. I've always liked History but they sparked my interest into Europe and England more-so than before. I love the mythology put into it, I've always loved the myths about the Greek Gods and Goddesses. I know it was stressful but I'm grateful that you've written these stories for me (and others) to read. I'm interested in what else you have to write about and something different cannot hurt. Enjoy your time off, having to write so many books and having to keep cranking out new ideas certainly sounds frustrating. I wish you luck on your fight with cancer and I'm grateful for everything you've contributed to the writing world.
~Jessica, USA

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