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Full Episodes : Season 1

  • Henry and The Terrible... Day Play

    Ep. 109: Henry and The Terrible... Day

    Edward thinks he may have found a reliable, yet dangerous way to activate the switch between himself and Henry.

    Original Airdate: 12/15/08

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • Love In All the Wrong Places Play

    Ep. 108: Love In All the Wrong Places

    Edward and Raymond discover long-lost American hostages while on a mission in Angola, while Dr. Skinner is confronted over her relationship with Edward.

    Original Airdate: 12/08/08

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • Down Rio Way Play

    Ep. 107: Down Rio Way

    Edward faces off with Trumbull over facts about his parents, while Raymond has to interfere in Tom and Mary's relationship.

    Original Airdate: 12/01/08

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • High Crimes and Turducken Play

    Ep. 106: High Crimes and Turducken

    Edward risks national security in order to ascertain the identity of his parent's killer.

    Original Airdate: 11/24/08

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • The Night Train to Moscow Play

    Ep. 105: The Night Train to Moscow

    Henry starts to suspect that Angie is a spy planted by Janus, while Edward makes a dangerous deal with a KGB agent in exchange for information regarding his past.

    Original Airdate: 11/17/08

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • This Is Not My Son Play

    Ep. 104: This Is Not My Son

    Henry/Edward's fate now lies in the hands of an operative, Paula, who discovers he is broken.

    Original Airdate: 11/10/08

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • Hello, Henry Play

    Ep. 103: Hello, Henry

    Edward is tasked with a trip to Mexico, Henry agrees to meet with an FBI agent, and Tom's suspicious wife Mary hires a P.I.

    Original Airdate: 10/27/08

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • The Hummingbird Play

    Ep. 102: The Hummingbird

    Henry grapples with the revelation that his childhood memories are fabrications and seeks help from an old college friend, while Edward and Raymond are tasked to kidnap a German software engineer.

    Original Airdate: 10/20/08

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • Breakdown Play

    Ep. 101: Breakdown

    Henry Spivey's life is turned upside down when he discovers he has a split personality and a shared life with an undercover operative named Edward Albright who works for a secret agency known as Janus.

    Original Airdate: 10/13/08

    Available Until: 09/19/10

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