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Full Episodes : Season 1

  • The New King: Part 2 Play

    Ep. 112: The New King: Part 2

    In the Season Finale, Jack decides to take his father's place as King before Silas can return to Shiloh and reclaim his power.

    Original Airdate: 07/25/09

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • The New King: Part 1 Play

    Ep. 111: The New King: Part 1

    With Jack and David in prison, Silas plans to finally make peace with Gath.

    Original Airdate: 07/18/09

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • Javelin Play

    Ep. 110: Javelin

    Fearing David's hero image and popularity threatens their reign, Silas and Jack charge David with treason, which carries a sentence of death.

    Original Airdate: 07/11/09

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • Chapter One Play

    Ep. 109: Chapter One

    Silas sends David on a deadly mission to recapture a stolen national treasure.

    Original Airdate: 07/04/09

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • Pilgrimage Play

    Ep. 108: Pilgrimage

    Silas takes David on pilgrimage, while in Shiloh, pictures and video surface that could ruin the reputations of Jack and Michelle.

    Original Airdate: 06/27/09

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • The Sabbath Queen Play

    Ep. 107: The Sabbath Queen

    On the night of the king's birthday, the power fails and Michelle goes missing, prompting flashbacks and ominous reminders from an astral spirit.

    Original Airdate: 06/20/09

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • Brotherhood Play

    Ep. 106: Brotherhood

    While a plague threatens the city of Shiloh, Silas receives omens that lead him to the source of treachery within his kingdom.

    Original Airdate: 06/13/09

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • Judgment Day Play

    Ep. 105: Judgment Day

    When David's brother Ethan is sentenced to death for treason, David is asked to betray King Silas to save him from the gallows.

    Original Airdate: 04/18/09

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • Insurrection Play

    Ep. 104: Insurrection

    David's loyalties are torn when his brother joins the resistance after King Silas offers Gath the territory where David's family lives.

    Original Airdate: 04/05/09

    Available Until: 09/19/10

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