Webisodes : Subtle Sexuality

  • Subtle Sexuality: The Music Video Play

    Ep. 3: Subtle Sexuality: The Music Video

    Watch the world premiere music video of Subtle Sexuality's "Male Prima Donna."

    Original Airdate: 10/29/09

  • Subtle Sexuality: The Replacement Play

    Ep. 2: Subtle Sexuality: The Replacement

    Subtle Sexuality are on the hunt for a new male prima donna for their music video.

    Original Airdate: 10/29/09

  • Subtle Sexuality: Creative Differences Play

    Ep. 1: Subtle Sexuality: Creative Differences

    Music television will never be the same as Kelly and Erin's group, Subtle Sexuality, prepare to shoot their first video.

    Original Airdate: 10/29/09

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