Full Episodes : Season 4

  • Pass/Fail Play

    Ep. 416: Pass/Fail

    Hiro is put on trial for his life; Sylar seeks Claire's help; Samuel's dream of love takes a terrifying turn.

    Original Airdate: 01/18/10

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • Close To You Play

    Ep. 415: Close To You

    Sensing the worst, H.R.G. teams up with Matt in hopes of finding Samuel, while Hiro and his Sancho Panza free Dr. Watson from Arkham.

    Original Airdate: 01/11/10

    Available Until: 09/19/10

  • Let It Bleed Play

    Ep. 414: Let It Bleed

    Sylar returns to the Carnival unable to kill; H.R.G. tries to forge an alliance with Edgar, while Claire and Peter unite in mourning Nathan's death.

    Original Airdate: 01/04/10

    Available Until: 02/09/10

  • The Fifth Stage Play

    Ep. 412: The Fifth Stage

    Peter attacks Sylar, determined to bring Nathan back, while Claire and Gretchen tour the Carnival.

    Original Airdate: 11/30/09

    Available Until: 01/26/10

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