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The Golden Globes

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Monday, January 25th, 8/7c

"Chuck vs. First Class" On his first solo mission, Chuck battles a Ring agent at 30,000 feet. Kristin Kreuk and Stone Cold Steve Austin guest star. (TV-PG)

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Chuck Versus Operation Awesome

In order to save Awesome from The Ring, Chuck must act as has his handler and protect his family.
Watch Until 03/09/10

Chuck vs. the Angel de la Muerte

Chuck and his team are put in charge of protecting a Communist dictator, but Awesome and Ellie may also be in danger.
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Chuck Versus The Three Words

A mission is put in jeopardy when Chuck finally learns how Sarah feels about him.
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Chuck Versus the Pink Slip

As the upgraded Intersect, Chuck trains to become a full-fledged spy, but hits rock bottom when he flunks out of spy school and loses Sarah in the process.
Watch Until 02/02/10

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