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The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes

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AIM Icons

Click on an icon to automatically set as your Buddy Icon. If you can't set your Buddy Icon automatically, please follow these steps.

  1. Save an icon to your desktop.
  2. From the "My AIM" menu, click "Edit Options" and then "Edit Preferences".
  3. In the Category group click "Expressions".
  4. Choose "Browse PC" and select the saved image.
  5. Click OK.


Terri Hatcher

QUANTUM LEAP: Sam falls for a younger woman-played by Teri Hatcher. Watch >

Lloyd Bridges

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Commander Adama matches wits with Commander Cain (Lloyd Bridges) of the long-lost Pegasus. Watch >

Bruce Willis

MIAMI VICE: An arms dealer played by Bruno himself kicks it with Crockett and Tubbs. Watch >