Webisodes : Blackmail

  • Blackmail- The Entire Webisode Series Play

    Ep. 5: Blackmail- The Entire Webisode Series

    Watch the entire webisode series of "Blackmail" and find out what Creed has on the employees of Dunder Mifflin.

    Original Airdate: 06/04/09

  • Blackmail: Pay Day Play

    Ep. 4: Blackmail: Pay Day

    Time is ticking. Find out if the employees will give in to Creed's blackmailing ways.

    Original Airdate: 05/28/09

  • Blackmail: Kelly Play

    Ep. 3: Blackmail: Kelly

    Creed gives Kelly a list of demands she must meet if she wants her secret to remain just between the two of them.

    Original Airdate: 05/21/09

  • Blackmail: Andy Play

    Ep. 2: Blackmail: Andy

    Andy is forced to make a decision when Creed reveals he knows Andy's secret.

    Original Airdate: 05/14/09

  • Blackmail: Oscar Play

    Ep. 1: Blackmail: Oscar

    Creed discovers some of his coworkers' deepest and darkest secrets and decides to participate in some old-fashioned blackmail.

    Original Airdate: 05/07/09

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