Moblin SDK

The Moblin SDK encompasses development images, documentation, tools, and examples to get you started writing, debugging, and porting applications quickly.

First, get an overview of developing for Moblin 2.1.

Then learn how to download, install and use the Moblin SDK:

  • Getting ready - instructions for setting up your environment.
  • Hello Moblin shows you how to use the Moblin SDK to create your first project.
  • Further tutorials cover many aspects of application development and deployment.

Other useful references:

Comments (18 total)

moblin on laptops

i have an old thinkpad X31 which has a 1.66 centrino processor!
when i try to run the live disk i get the error
"this kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU: pae"
"unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your cpu"

looking at the GUI this is something ive been waiting for as it looks a lot like android on my hero
im not very conversant with linux but does anyone have any ideas how i can get this running?

the X31 is essentialy a net book!

living in hope!


just a click away since you

just a click away since you can just type the address in the Internet tab and start browsing.

Get Programming

well if all of you who want to program apps. would just read the tutorial and follow instructions life would be a lot easier.

does it support nokia 5320 xpress music

Hello dear i m new so i want to know that whether it works on my cell phone which is nokia 5320 xpress music or not n how to use it??

launching the browser on startup


can someone tell me how to set up launching the browser automatically at startup.



I think in applications tab

I think in applications tab under settings you will have the option to select startup apps.
Additionally the browser is just a click away since you can just type the address in the Internet tab and start browsing.

That is the beauty of moblin after all


Moblin using Java

Hi All,
We are new to this Moblin world,
If any body already started writing applications may i know
which programming language they used.

Is it possible to code using Java????


From where to get mobline VMWare image

Hello friends.
I am in search of mobiline VMWare image.
Can any body help me?

Moblin 2.0 Beta works fine

I just installed moblin 2.0 beta 20090607 on a 4 gb usb drive. It works fine. Everything works. Im using an Asus A8E laptop and I don't have any hardware incompatibilities so far. I also would like to comment about win32diskimage. When using vista you should run it in admin mode so you won't get an error message about not getting the device handle when writing the image to the usb.

Asus A8E specs
Intel® Core™2 Duo T7100, 1.8 GHz, 800 MHz FSB, 4/2 Mo L2 Cache
Intel® GMA X3100
Intel® PRO/Wireless 4965AGN
CSR Between Bluetooth™V2.0+EDR
120 GB HD
6 USB ports

Everything works fine. I haven't tested the bluetooth connection yet.

Medion Akoya Mini E1210

Hey all,

I´ve ran Moblin 2 Beta on my Akoya Mini E1210 and have a problem. I can´t use my WLAN and my mousepointer??

Thanks for ur help!!

I tried to capture a video by

I tried to capture a video by connecting the logitech webcam on to the moblin iso image. But some problem is arising. is there any need to install drivers?

Webcam doesn't work


I installed Moblin v2 in ASUS EEE 900HA and update to recently version.

WIFI is working fine, sound and video are working fine too but webcam isn't working.

Can you help me with this.

Thank you.

Developing apps in python

Is the SDK C only? or is it possible to developp apps un python?

Python applications are

Python applications are certainly possible, and several of the Moblin Core libraries (like clutter and clutter-gst) have Python bindings (pyclutter and pyclutter-gst). However, some of the Core libraries don't have Python bindings, and C is currently your best bet if you want access to all of Moblin Core.

Porting to Asus EEE PC 701

Shall be a porting to the Asus 701 eeepc netbook, since this machine is very acessible due to pricing and availability, or not :

Hi all

Is it possible to develop apps for moblin on windows?

Linux in VM

Well...if you run Linux inside a virtual machine then you can write Linux apps on Windows. For example, download the Moblin VMWare image and get the free Windows VMWare player, then you could run it in a window on your Windows system. Taht would give you the full, albeit somewhat sluggish, Moblin environment. If you've got a newer, capable PC it should work fine (VT-enabled)

Of course there's lots of other approaches. You could write a web app in Javascript or use xulrunner. You could write the app in Java. You could write it in C/C++ and port it later. You could use Cygwin and the Windows GTK stuff and maybe make some progress. Your mileage will vary. Ideally there would be something like a Moblin buildroot for Windows but we haven't done that.

Dual boot? :)

webcam not working

Hi all,
I use moblin iso image...........
I tried to capture a video by connecting the logitech webcam on to the moblin iso image. But some problem is arising.
is there any need to install drivers????
can anyone help????

thanks in advance......