Jordan River Parkway Trail

The Jordan River flows over 50 miles from Utah Lake north to the Great Salt Lake and flows through three counties -- Utah, Salt Lake and Davis. The goal for the Jordan River Trail is to create a continuous, non-motorized, paved trail system along the river extending from its headwaters at Utah Lake in Utah County to a connection with the Legacy Parkway Trail in Davis County near the Great Salt Lake - a distance of approximately 40 miles.

Although not yet complete, the people of Utah are working diligently towards completion of the Jordan River Parkway Trail. The longest continuous section of paved trail extends from 8500 South in Sandy City to 300 South in Salt Lake City, a distance of approximately 14 miles. The next longest paved section begins at Inlet Park in the City of Saratoga Springs, on the northwest corner of Utah Lake, and ends at a recently constructed trailhead parking area near Camp Williams, a distance of approximately 10 miles.

  • Jordan River Parkway Trail
    (Note: To view this map you must have the free Google Earth software installed on your computer)
  • This Google Earth map presents the current state of the paved sections (green) of the Jordan River Parkway Trail as of November 17, 2009 as well as existing dirt sections (brown), suitable for hiking or mountain biking and roadway connections (red) between discontinuous trail sections. Extra features such as paved parking areas and restrooms are also shown. The map is a work in progress and will be updated as the trail is constructed and new information becomes available. If you have suggestions feel free to email us.

    The Jordan River Parkway within Salt Lake City is maintained by the city as a linear park. The parkway begins on the north side of 2100 South and extends north to the Davis County line at about 2600 North. The parkway passes through or is adjacent to nine other city maintained parks and three city golf courses including 1700 South Park, Modesto Park, Jordan Park, International Peace Gardens, 800 South Park, Alzheimer's Park, Constitution Park, Cottonwood Park, Riverside Park, Glendale Golf Course, Jordan River Par-3 Golf Course and Rose Park Golf Course. Other interesting features along the parkway include the Bend-in-the-River/Urban TreeHouse boardwalks and outdoor classroom at 1100 South and the Jordan River Peace Labyrinth at 1500 South.

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