Exclusive interview: 10,000BC star Steven Strait

February 22nd, 2008

Don’t be fooled by the darkly Byronic publicity photos. Steven Strait is a very happy fellow.

Throughout our conversation he was chuckling away to himself about something or other. It’s not too surprising really: He’s starring in Roland Emmerich’s prehistoric epic 10,000 BC which is out in the UK this month, he’s also in highly regarded drama Stop Loss which is released in April and his forthcoming vampire thriller Priest is due out in 2009.

Ever since his appearance as brooding outsider Warren Peace in the superhero comedy Sky High he has had an ever-growing legion of (mainly female) fans sighing over his publicity photos and as a crowning achievement he’s now been interviewed by The Times’ lightweight film blog Blockbuster Buzz. No wonder he’s laughing.

Our interview with one of Hollywoods’ fastest-rising stars is after the jump:

Blockbuster Buzz: What are you working on now? You seem to be having a very busy year..
Steven Strait: Yeah, I’m doing a lot of stuff.. It’s been great to be so busy.. 10,000 BC took almost a year all in all. About five months of actual filming and then all the pre-production, the training..

BB: How has the writers’ strike affected you?
SS: Not as much as it might have. I’ve been very lucky. I mean, it’s affected everybody but I’ve been very lucky to be where I am when it was happening.

BB: You’re also known as a singer. Have you been doing any music recently?
SS: I really haven’t had time, I was away travelling to Namibia and New Zealand for 5 months on 10,000 so it’s has made it difficult to keep up with my friends in music. I play a lot on my own right now, just for my own entertainment.

BB: If 10,000BC was filmed in Namibia and New Zealand, where is it set?
SS: It could be any place. It’s supposed to be a sort of mythic time. Not really any once place.

BB: What did you do about picking an accent for a thing like that?
SS: Luckily, the group I was in spoke English, mixed up with a little Arabic. We kind of ended up sounding like Omar Sharif, who narrates the movie. There were around half a dozen completely new languages made up by a guy named Brendan Gunn for the other groups of characters.

BB: You spend much of the film running around half naked. How was that?
SS: I always enjoy running around naked. I do it all the time. We always had loincloths to cover our modesty. I think loincloths are ready to make a comeback.

BB: How would you manage if Civilisation disappeared?
SS: I think after all the training I did for this movie at least I’d have a head start. I like the simpler things in life anyway, so maybe I wouldn’t miss the technology as much as some people. I’d be OK as long as I had a couple of sets of clothes, some books…

BB: I’m once of the countless people who are sorely disappointed not to see Sky High 2 on the schedules. When can we expect that?
SS: I don’t think there’s anything planned there. (biggest chuckle of the night)

BB: Which movies are you looking forward to in 2008?
SS: Dark Knight definitely. I loved what they did with the first one and I really can’t wait to see what they do next.

BB: If you could be in any movie what would it be?
SS: I really don’t know yet. I like so many different kinds of movies and I want to do them all.

Steven seems to be happiest when he’s working, and right now he’s working a lot. His refusal to typecast himself into the big silly action-packed movies that we like is a bit of a disappointment, but it certainly doesn’t seem to be hurting his career. Long may he chuckle.