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AW Editors' Choice Awards: 2012 Ford Focus, Detroit most significant

a side view of a red 2012 Ford Focus.
A picture of a side view of a red 2012 Ford Focus.
Ford's European design operations took the lead on the 2012 Focus, which goes on sale in about 15 months. It's our most significant car for the Detroit auto show.

The Ford Focus that rose from beneath the stage in Cobo Arena at the Detroit show's first press conference might be the most significant car to wear the Blue Oval in a long time.

For years, enthusiasts have been crying out for Ford to sell the European Focus here. Now we get our wish.

The introduction of the new Focus also signals that Ford survived the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression with some solid products, fully developed and ready for production.

Both four- and five-door Focuses will launch simultaneously in the United States and Europe early next year, followed closely by China and then the rest of the world.

Initially, a new, fuel-efficient, 2.0-liter direct-injection engine with variable valve timing will power the Focus. The engine will be mated to a dry-clutch six-speed Ford PowerShift automatic transmission. Worldwide, 10 different powerplants will propel the Focus, and Ford announced that an all-electric version will be built in Michigan. Just wait to see what the SVT folks have planned for the car.

In the more than a decade of AutoWeek Editors' Choice Awards, only a few cars have taken home the hardware by unanimous vote. Count the Focus among them.

Others considered: Audi E-tron concept, BMW ActiveE concept, Cadillac XTS Platinum concept, Toyota FT-CH

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This article was last updated on: 01/19/10, 15:51 et
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vandal wrote:
Helloooo people!! Ford is Already selling Focus!!!???. 2010 Focus is a great car and is one of the Top selling small cars in the Europe and the North America... look at the sales for 2009. However, The new Focus already makes the Civic and the Corolla OBSOLETE!!!. Even the one on the drwaing boards back in Japan..... DO NOT HATE... JUST IMMITATE...
1/19/2010 1:37 PM EST
User Image
Scott Kudirka wrote:
Impressive vehicle. Both sedan and hatch are pleasing to view in person. Right size, right price(?), plenty of options. This vehicle works for me.
1/19/2010 11:59 AM EST
User Image
civicsi wrote:
Interesting how when Chrysler introduces the Caliber all the car mags cry foul! When Ford or GM drag their crap from overseas into this country its pants wetting time! Never mind which is better done in YOUR opinion. The fact is it has already been done by the Forward Thinking Chrysler Corp. who has to operate on a shoe string budget.
I plan to continue driving Hondas or Nissans for the forseeable future while Ford and GM still struggle to get it right.
1/19/2010 8:42 AM EST
User Image
beenthere wrote:
Good God WTF is that suppose to be? I doubt sales of this thing will be impressive.
1/19/2010 1:31 AM EST
User Image
Kawatwo wrote:
Yup, exactly. It's only 15 months too late. Imagine how many Civics Honda will sell in that time that could have been Focuses, er foci?
1/19/2010 12:13 AM EST
User Image
InvaderZim wrote:
my only question is why does it take Ford so long to actually get them to market, the Fiesta had full production models shown for months, with some people even getting ones to drive around and here is a production ready Focus that we can't have for another full year?
1/18/2010 9:48 PM EST
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