Two wrestlers released from the WWE, HHH was backstage at Raw last week
    Submitted by Matthew Tremley on Sunday, November 24, 2002 at 2:49 PM EST

    The WWE has made two cuts to it's roster recently. The first is Diamond Dallas Page who retired after suffering an injury in the ring. There was talk about having him come back to commentate or manage but since then, there has been no real interest on either side for Page to return.

    Also, former Radical Perry Saturn has been cut. His contract was set to expire in January but the WWE decided to buy out the contract for almost the full amount. Saturn has been out with an injury since before the roster split occured.

    Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

    Despite what Ric Flair said about HHH being in no condition to appear on Raw last week, HHH was in fact backstage after being treated for his throat injury and released from the hospital. They made several mentions that HHH could show up but they decided not to and instead focus on other superstars such as RVD, Jericho, Steiner, and Shawn Michaels.

    Credit: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter

  • Aaron Rift sent in the following:

    Interview with Missy Hyatt
    Conducted by Mike Nagel and Jeff Meacham
    November 22nd, 2002

    MN: We are joined by a very special guest today, we are joined by Missy Hyatt, how are you doing today?

    Missy Hyatt: I am doing very well today, how are you guys doing?

    MN: We're good.

    JM: We're doing very good, Missy. We have a lot of questions for the fans as well as our own questions, so we'll get right into it.

    MH: OK, well I'm here to serve you gentleman, I'll be anything you like.

    JM: OK

    MH: See how easy I am.

    JM: Sounds good to me. Ok, we're going to start. Let me ask you a question about, Our fans can win a trip to Reno with you as their personal hostess? Can you go into that?

    MH: Yes, that's right. However, we're going to be changing at the beginning of the year because we have a few more hostesses, I think what we're going to do is change the site to make it a pay site. We aren't going to make it very expensive, like $10 a month and update the pictures and every month a member will win 24 hours with the hostess. If we do it like that they have to fly themselves to wherever the hostess is. You know it could be L.A., it could be New York, or Miami and then they get 24 hours to go out and party and have dinner and do whatever. I think that's what we're going to change it to. As it stands now the winner receives round trip airfare from anywhere in the world, a limo, a hotel suite, it's in Reno, Nevada and it's there for the whole weekend. It's for Friday and Saturday night. It could be Saturday and Sunday night. When we contact the winner, we'll figure out what week is good for them and we figure out all that stuff and then all the food and alcohol is included.

    MN: Whoo Hoo

    MH: Whoo Hoo, and of course they're going to want to go to a show, so we're definitely going to go to a show, but I don't know how great the shows in Reno are. I am sure they are good. I have never been to Reno, that's why I picked it. I've been to Las Vegas, but I've always wanted to go to Reno. And everything is legal there, so you can just go crazy. That's why I wanted to go it's the Amsterdam of America. Reno is also right there by Lake Tahoe, I believe it'll be really really fun. If the winner picks January of February, the weather will be good for skiing and I've never gone skiing naked and I'm willing to give it a try.

    MN: That is an EXLUSIVE for all you Xtreme Mayhem fans!

    MH: Yeah. We can go skiing naked up there and then go back into the Reno Valley where it's warmer and go swimming. Naked snowskiing in the morning and skinny dipping in the afternoon. What's better than that?

    JM: Well if you'll excuse I'm going to that site right now!

    MH: Buy as many tickets as you want, the more you buy the better the chance of winning, almost everyone is going to win something. We're giving away books. DVDs, pictures, all kinds of stuff.

    JM: Of course, besides the grand prize which is a weekend with you.

    MH: That's the GRAND PRIZE!

    JM: It's always the grand prize.

    MH: Yeah!

    JM: The 10 first place winners are going to get an autographed copy of your book, the second place winners get a copy of the DVD: Wrestling Vixxxens Exposed, third place winners get the video version of that.

    MH: Then there are "69" autographed pictures, and 100 others will receive a limited edition autographed Missy Hyatt ECW trading card. Basically, I had a box of those when I quit ECW, I had a box of 1000, it was like hey this is a way to give them away as a prize.

    JM: Just to remind everybody, you have to be over 21 to enter this lottery.

    MH: I believe the legal age is 18, but if they wanna drink alcohol they MUST be 21 years of age.

    JM: As long as I could hang out with you naked, I'd gladly drink a root beer.

    MH: One of the fans from Vixxxens, asked if I win can my wife come, I said sure, but you have to pay for her ticket. He said my dream was to be in bed with my wife and have breakfast served to me by a naked Missy Hyatt. It's
    their fantasy weekend, whatever they want. If they want me to blow on their dice for good luck, I can do that. I'm open for anything.

    JM: You mentioned about other hostesses, who would some of them be?

    MH: I can not tell! When we launch the pay site in January there's going to be 3 or 4 females not all from wrestling, they will be from other entertainment industries then after that, every month after that there will be a new hostess. Not just wrestling chicks, porn stars, a former child actress, etc. It's across the board, something for everybody. It will be like Vixxxens.

    JM: Speaking of Vixxxens, where did you and Tammy Sytch come up with this?

    MH: It was my idea for the site, my business partner Sal set up everything. I had wanted to do it for a while, cause back in 1989-1990 playboy came and made me an offer. Contrary to what people think, Playboy pays across the
    board, a flat fee...they don't pay like a million dollars. Playboy doesn't have to. They pay like 5,000 dollars for the cover, like 35,000 dollars to be a playmate, and 25,000 dollars for a pictorial and once you do that though, everybody has your picture. With Vixxxens I get paid every month, I kinda like that better. If they give me 25,000 dollars, I don't spend it all in 2 days. This way, I'd rather have my money spread out, I can buy dog food for my dogs. I got some money for my book and it was gone the next day, I bought a car. I totaled my other one so I needed a new one.

    MN: I heard about that.

    MH: Not the one Bill Alfonzo and I went on Judge Mathis for, I wrecked the car before that. I was coming back from a photoshoot like 3 months ago and an animal ran across the road, it was 4 in the morning and I swerved and I
    hit the center median on the freeway and broke my collarbone and messed me up so then I had to get a new car and Bill Alfonzo wrecked my car. My brand new car! And so we went on Judge Mathis.

    JM: How did it turn out?

    MH: You didn't see it, it was on a couple of weeks ago, anyway you could probably download it off the internet now. But, Judge Mathis, he rules! We swapped autographed books, and he also plugged my book on the show too. Yeah! He was cool.

    MN: Do you still have any outstanding heat with Fonzie for WRECKING YOUR CAR?

    MH: Not at all, we shook hands and gave each other a hug. He sat there and tried to blame me for the accident and Judge Mathis didn't want to listen to him. Then he blamed my ex-boyfriend for the wreck. Note to all you wrestling
    fans out there, DO NOT LET BILL ALFONZO DRIVE YOUR CAR! He'll get a call from some stripper in bumper to bumper traffic and he'll plow into the car in front of him.

    JM: Bottomline, he can manage some of the greatest superstars, but he can't talk on a phone and drive at the same time.

    MH: Exactly! He can't smoke a cigarette, talk on the phone and drive at once, it just doesn't happen. Manage a world champion: Yes Drive a car: NO!

    JM: For those of you who don't know, Vixxxens is composed of Tammy Sytch, yourself, Kristi Myst (former adult film star and formerly of XPW), Give me some of the other names.

    MH: Mona Hardcox, Brittney Lynn who looks 12, but is 21. She wants to be in wrestling so bad, when we met her I was like, you're not old enough to learn how to train, and she said yes I am, I am 21. I thought for sure she was 16
    or 17, she showed me here ID and I was like, you wanna be a Vixxxen? She said Ok. Poor little thing though, for her first photoshoot, she was all bruised up from being in the ring.

    JM: I have a question about Gorgeous George, her video is advertised on your site, you can buy it off of, what's your involvement?

    MH: I begged her to be on Vixxxens and maybe she'll show up on I'm not sure, you'll have to wait and see. She recently had a baby.She's a great mom, I love her to death, she's such a sweet girl. She got married to a rock and roll star and had a baby. All those beautiful
    model type chicks marry rock stars. I got to hang out with Violent J of Insane Clown Posse recently at the Key Club for their CD release party and he's a rapper so of course he gets a babe like me to go out there, if he was just a normal guy it wouldn't be happening. He wears the clown makeup for a reason. Just Kidding. They are just the greatest. Do you listen to ICP music? Some of it's really good, except you can't sing in front of the family during the Holiday season.

    MN: Well except for the oddities theme right? I like their music because it's so explosive and gets right to the point.

    MH: I love how they say over and over how they're going to kill Norman Smiley. I was driving and heard it and I almost had to pull over.

    JM: Yeah, like in the movie IT, you don't make a clown mad.

    MH: What movie?

    MN: Steven King's horror movie, IT.

    MH: I haven't seen it, but a movie I want to see Big Money Husslas.

    JM: Yeah, Mick Foley is in it.

    MH: Yeah a couple of the boys are in it, Cactus and Vampiro I think.

    JM: Foley promoted it in his first book.

    MH: I'm working with this herbalist and nutritionist on a male enhancement pill. I told Violent J, I was like dude, that's what you need. It's herbal Viagra. It pumps "it" up and makes it a little bit bigger and makes it last longer and tastes great, like chewing gum. My new business venture, I am trying to be an entrepreneur over here. I eventually want to open a smoothie shop.

    JM: We've got some q's from the fans, greek god from the forum asks, who do you think is the sexiest man in wrestling right now?

    MH: Chris Nowinski and Randy Orton

    MN: What was the whole story with WCW letting you go?

    MH: Well, my contract came up for renewal and I was at one of the clash of the champions and I had to jump on Sting's back to stop the count cause one of the Nasty Boys was hurt and they weren't supposed to lose, it was supposed to be a DQ, so after I got up from Sting, one of my breasts was hanging out and a photographer took a picture of it. A month later we were at the CNN offices getting our new promo pictures taken and it was CNN so there were black and whites of Wolf Blitzer, Deborah Norville, etc. and
    above that on the bulliten board there was a color 8 by 10 of my breast hanging out. I got really mad, and wanted an apology from the guy and the negatives and original copies of the picture. This is way before the internet or that picture would have been everywhere. In 1994 when the
    internet just started, I was signed onto prodigy, I'll admitt it, but u couldn't get pics up. So that was a good thing for me. If it would have been today it would've been everywhere. It really hurt my feelings. In the professional atmosphere of CNN and something like this happens, it would've been different if it was in the locker room with the boys, but it's totally different in a professional business atmosphere. Plus they never paid me the money that they owed me for my calendar and my merchandise or my 900 line. That was the main reason why I sued. It wasn't really for the breast picture, it was mainly for the back pay I was owed. Somewhere around 100,000 dollars they owed me for merchandising. I had a really good attorney who asked if I ever had a dressing room, and I didn't, sometimes I had to go through the crowd to the female bathroom. She said that's discrimination. I didn't have a dressing room or stupid things like that. I hope it helped the women get their dressing rooms, their pay, their merchandise, etc. you know. Cause women used to not be as important as they are now.

    JM: You totally did pave the way for women like Tammy.

    MH: By suing WCW I tried to make it where they had to pay females what they owed them. They used to tell me I should be happy cause I got a job. and I was the lowest person getting paid, but my 900 line, beat the World
    Champions numbers at the time. I still have a record from the hotline that nobody has beat. Jim Ross and I were the highest rated ones on there. Jim Ross is the best. He taught me so much. He spent time with me and help me
    develop Communication type skills, skills which I never went to school for. I didn't know how to be an announcer. He was one of the people I dedicated my book to. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have had a job for so long. I love him.

    MN: What's your current relationship like with Paul Heyman?

    MH: Friend, I haven't talked to him in a while. I saw him up at Wrestlemania, I was up there promoting my book. So we went out together and had a drink. I haven't spoke to him in like a month or so. I love Paul to death. I am mad at him that ECW isn't around because there is no competition for WWE. There are many people mad at him about that so.

    MN: I remember seeing Guilty as Charged (the last ECW PPV) and you were on it with Justin Credible, what was that like?

    MH: It was fun, but I had no idea it was the last ECW PPV. Paul asked if I wanted to do something and I was like sure, cause I was just there visiting. If we would have known it was going to be the last PPV, we would have thrown
    a party or something, but everybody was still hoping something could be done to save it.

    JM and MN: WWE messed up the Invasion with the watered down ECW.

    MH: Yeah, but the coolest thing I saw was the first time ECW "invaded" was Sabu diving off the top of the entrance. WWE could have done so much with "WCW" if they would have kept them separate. They missed 2 years of making killer money. But, there's not a lot of jobs now.

    MN: And WWE released some of the best cruiserweights in the World and it sucks because they really have nobody for their cruiserweight division now.

    MH: Vince doesn't like smaller guys. He wants big, huge, freaky looking guys. Like Scott Steiner.

    JM: Just a point, look at how many numbers the cruiserweights generated for WCW. And then after Wrestlemania it got going for a bit.

    MH: Yeah, the cruiserweights work much better than the big guys. They can move all over the place in a heartbeat. Their matches are just so much more exciting. It's really hard for a 300 pound + guy to do moves off the top like a swanton.

    MN: That's one of the things I loved about ECW though cause Paul kept pushing smaller guys and they just went out there and had amazing matches.

    MH: Oh my God! Yes, like Kid Kash, EZ Money and Danny Doring, these guys can work! The cool thing about Kid Kash is that he's old school, he's not just high flying, he's a ground technician as well. I have bought an NWA TNA PPV
    just to see Kid Kash work. And to see Bagwell work.

    JM: What did you think of Paul turning on Brock Lesnar and joining the Big Show?

    MH: I had no idea that happened, but as long as Paul is out there doing what he does good, then I am happy for him. They should let him write more. I can tell when something is or isn't his because he got it from Eddie Gilbert. That was his mentor so you can tell.


    Vince McMahon: Big Daddy Warbucks (Moneybags), he has icky panty lines, for a guy who has all these custom suits, his pants are too tight and you can see his underwear line. He should tback or have the suits tailored to hide his fruit of the loom lines.

    Eric Bischoff: The dirty crack in Vince's underwear.

    Hulk Hogan: Thee Man, without Hogan wrestling wouldn't be what it is, he is the man.

    Steve Austin: Redneck

    Tough Enough: Retarded

    Former WCW President Bill Shaw: Who?

    Rob Black: Paul E. (Heyman) wannabe. He tries to act like him.

    Steve Corino: He is Mr. Old School

    Ric Flair: No hair, no Flair, you have to read the book to find out what I'm talking about.

    MH: I have a bunch of stuff on ebay through the Vixxxens site, but I hear there's fake stuff floating around. The only official Missy Hyatt stuff on ebay is through

    MN: Do you want to plug your site before we go?

    MH:,, and cause whoever wins my trip is going to need some of that enhancement formula.

    MN: And with that, that is going wrap up another addition of Xtreme Mayhem, I'd like to thank our guest Missy Hyatt for joining us and for Jeff Meacham, this is Mike Nagel saying stay tuned: Same Xtreme Time, Same Xtreme Channel.

  • Natron sent in the following:

    Hey guys. This appeared in today's St. Paul Pioneer

    "Some pro wrestling insiders wouldn't be surprised if
    departing Gov. Jesse Ventura teams with former Gopher
    Brock Lesnar in a tag-team match Jan. 31 against Paul
    Heyman and The Big Show at Target Center."

    Looking at the calendar, January 31 is a Friday, so this would be a house show. Remember, Ventura has appeared with Lesnar as a manager in a dark match at Target Center when Lesnar and Sheldon Benjamin were still together as the "Minnesota Stretching Crew" before either had debuted in the WWE.

    Jeff Wilen sent this in

    Here's the link on my review of Hulk Hogan's new book, Hollywood Hulk Hogan:

    Richard Jones sent this in

    New NWA Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarret on the Pain Clinic

    The Brand New NWA Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett comes on!
    Jeff Jarrett comes on talking about his match with the Truth and how he was
    nervous because they never wrestled each other before. Jeff talked about
    the crowd reaction to the match. When each guy was on offense the crowd was
    behind them. Jeff talks about how hard it was to keep a secret in the wrestling
    business. He talked about the Mr. wrestling III/Vince Russo angle and how people
    enjoyed it. He didn't see anyone pissed off by the results but there may be wrestlers
    no happy. Jeff talked about Mike Tenay's reaction and the speculation of what was
    shoot and what was real in the entire build up angle to Russo being un-masked.
    Jeff talks about Scott Hall and Sean Waltman's status with the company. Hall's
    hasn't been on the last 5 shows and his status wont change for a while. Jeff said
    Waltman was pissed and he will still be working with NWA TNA.

    We take a few calls and Jeff is asked about nepotism in the business. Jeff answers
    honestly and said that his dad is the writer not the owner so nepotism isn't an issue
    here. Jeff hates nepotism and has seen it in the past and he can understand why
    people don't like it.

    Jeff talks about possibly working with Bret Hart in the future and he is sure that
    Bret would have some scathing words for Mr. Wrestling III.

    Jeff talks about possible touring next year but not with the PPV show. Jeff said
    that if the WWE can't draw for house shows maybe the market isn't ready for
    touring wrestling.

    Jeff talks about how much he enjoys sleeping in his own bed every night after a show.

    Jeff talks about Ken Shamrock and how he would like to see Ken back in NWA TNA.
    He watched the UFC fight and he was impressed. Jeff talked about Tito Ortiz.

    Jeff takes a call about sending in tapes to NWA TNA for wrestlers looking for work.

    Jeff talks about the WWA shows in Europe and said that they are recording a PPV at one
    of the show that will air in February. These are the shows that Scott Steiner was supposed
    to be but were replaced with Perry Saturn and The Godfather.

    Jeff talks about the TNA donation to the disaster relief fund for the Tennessee tornados
    from a week ago. There was a toy drive and can food drives too.

    Jeff talks about what is happening in the next few weeks of NWA. Big surprises are
    on the way. Jeff talks about accountability on people's language and how the talents
    will be spoken too if they chose bad language. We tell Jeff about Scott Steiner's
    F-bomb on Survivor Series.

    Jeff exits the show!

    The show can be heard at

  • BACKSTAGE BRAWL In TNA: Awesome Kong Punches Out TNA Employee!

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