Djinni set for Aiko 3

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Djinni downloads

The Djinni downloads contains the morphing set for Djinni, one texture set for her and the hair as well as the full clothing set.

Base package [23,2MB] uploaded 2006-01-23

The base install. Download and install together with selected runtime install below. Final version

P4 runtime [4,78MB] uploaded 2006-01-23

Download for installing into Poser version 4 runtime (Runtime\libraries\<type>\ !Eldritch Djinni). Final version

P5+ runtime [4,78MB] uploaded 2006-01-23

Download for installing into Poser version 5 or higher runtime (Runtime\libraries\<type>\ !Eldritch\Djinni). Final version

Standalone morph targets [1,89MB] uploaded 2006-01-23

Download for using the Djinni character on free AIKO3 base character available from DAZ3D.

Related and 3rd party downloads

My layered photoshop skintextures SR1 - updated 2005-12-20

Arien's gorgeous texture set [as used in above image] can be downloaded from her website.


Available in the Djinni for Aiko3 thread at the freepozitory forum at

Tips and tricks

1. Chest piece & tassels

The Chest piece and tassles conform well when using the default Djinni shape but when using the Djinni morph the ERC starts misbehaving. When using the Djinni morph you should instead parent them to the chest.

2. Utility poses

There are two poses that helps you shape the various clothing items to Djinni. Use them to change the morph to 1 (ON) respectively 0 (OFF).