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Statement of Governor Charlie Crist on Healthcare Reform Bill Vote

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 23, 2009
CONTACT: Crist Communications
(850) 907-1218

TALLAHASSEE – The Charlie Crist for U.S. Senate Campaign today released the following statement from Gov. Crist regarding the Senate’s vote on the current healthcare bill scheduled for 8:00am on Christmas Eve.

“As Senators prepare to cast their votes on the so-called health reform bill, I hope those in support will realize that this is not reform,” said Crist.  “While most agreed that healthcare reform should lower costs and increase quality care to Americans, the bill being supported by Senate Democrats does just the opposite.

“Close to 3,000 pages and a trillion dollars, the only takeaways are increased taxes, increased premiums and decreased options that millions currently enjoy.  On top of it all, as a Governor, I can assure you, this bill will have serious negative consequences on state budgets across the nations.   This is the last thing Governors need during these challenging economic times.

“As Harry Reid and Senate Democrats add to the country’s debt during a record deficit and raise taxes by more than $500 billion, they are causing health care costs to rise and Medicare funding to drop, leading to decreased care for many of seniors.  Unfortunately, Harry Reid and Senate Democrats are more interested in late night, backroom deals than starting over and giving the American people market driven health care reform.”