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 Johnny Marr
Johnny Marr's official site. News, Biography, Discography, Forum, Shop. You can send questions to Johnny and he will answer.
by Bernard Van Isacker - Frontstage. Belgium.

Down On The Corner
This site is a Johnny Marr and The Healers fansite. It contains a list off all the shows and some details about The Healers, including News, Discography, Pictures, Lyrics.
by Matthew Speight, Stockton-On-Tees, England.

All you need to know about Electronic. Biography, Discography, Videography, Gigography, Lyrics, Pictures, FAQ, Interviews, Reviews and more.
by David Sultan.

electronic :: feel every beat
An unofficial website about Electronic. News, biography, people, singles, albums, songs, videos, media, print, live, reissues, images, stuff, links, forum, guests.
by Max Kroger. Somerset, England, UK.

Hiddenbyrags - The Smiths and Morrissey Resource
News, Biography, Discography, Pictures, Lyrics, Interviews, Downloads, Tabs/Chords, Johnny Marr.
by Joe Page, Southend, England.

Johnny Marr and the Healers
The first Johnny Marr's Healers website. News, past & present tour-dates and upcoming events. Info about the band members (Johnny Marr, Adam Grey, Zak Starkey, Liz Bonney, Alonsa Bevan, Lee Spencer).
by Torr Leonard. Dallas,TX, USA.

The Johnny Marr e-mail list
An E-mail based discussion list for Johnny Marr solo.
by Torr Leonard. Dallas,TX, USA.

Passions Just Like Mine
The ultimate Smiths & Morrissey discographies site! Songs and versions checklist, bootleg discography, videography, media appearances, cover art, songs covered by other artists, etchings, pressing errors. Johnny Marr and Sandie Shaw (with the Smiths) discographies.
by Stephane Daigle. Montreal, Canada.

The Smiths & Morrissey - dansk side
In Danish. News, Biography, Discography, Pictures, Lyrics, Interviews, Downloads, Johnny Marr.
The Smiths i fiktionen. Manchesterbands. Kendte fans.
by Jesper Sørensen. Vejle, Denmark.

Veering Cliffwards
Pictures,Lyrics, Concerts details and pics, Stories by Morrissey, J.Marr interview.
by Stuart King. Coventry, England.

Wythenshaw Syndrome
Fan site of Johnny Marr. Including Makio's own drawings of Johnny.
by Makio. Japan.

Johnny Marr
A Yahoo! Club.

The Smiths File Online
Thorough summary of press coverage of The Smiths and Morrissey from 1983 to present day. Includes a sizable selection of Smiths live reviews and original news items. Also features some New Zealand-only music magazine articles and reviews.
by Jason Collins. Christchurch, New Zealand.

The The
In 1981 Johnny Maher (who later changed his name to Marr), living in Manchester, was introduced to Matt Johnson, a soloist behind the group name The The. Johnny was very close to joining Matt at that time but, luckily for us, he didn't. The biggest reason was that Matt had his base in London and neither one of them had the economy to get it together. But after The Smiths break up Johnny joined The The for two albums, Mind Bomb (1989) and Dusk (1992).
True Happiness This Way Lies is a fan site, with lots of information about The The
by Bill Jost.

Pretenders / Chrissie Hynde
After that The Smiths split up Johnny Marr joined Pretenders for a about a year. He was on tour with them (six dates), co-wrote several songs with Hynde and played on the album Windows Of The World (1989).
Pretenders Archives is fan site, with lots of information about Pretenders
by LB & Taunia .

Kirsty MacColl
K. MacColl, 1959-2000 (RIP) was a background singer on The Smiths songs Ask and Golden Lights and on Morrissey's song Interesting Drug. Her version of the Smiths song You Just Haven´t Earned It Yet Baby can be found on her albums Kite (CD-version) and Galore, and on the She´s having a baby soundtrack. Johnny Marr has co-written and played guitar on some of her songs. Boz Boorer produced 3 of her songs, Perfect Day on the Galore album, Irish Cousin and The Butcher Boy on the Caroline CD single.
Voice of an Angel is a fan site, with lots of information about Kirsty MacColl.
by Glenn.

EMM's Electronic Homepage
Lyrics for the first two albums.
by Eric M. Monte.

Other people Johnny Marr has been working with are:
Bryan Ferry
Talking Heads
Pet Shop Boys
Billy Bragg
Ian McCulloch
M People

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