SCO Xenix

A lot of people talk about (and hate!) SCO now, but they used to be a cool company. They had a little office in Santa Cruz, California, complete with a redwood hottub. It wasn't unsual to see SCO engineers walking around with nothing on, going to and from the hottub!

I learned Unix one day on a whim. I was doing software developement for military contractors (around 1989), and wanted to move to the commercial sector. Unix was "hot" and I wanted to become familiar with it. So I paid about $1200 for a copy of SCO Xenix, which came in two boxes like this:

One box was full of manuals, the other contained some manuals and about 40 floppy disks. (Later versions of SCO Unix required as many as 96 5.25" floppy disks to install all of Unix and the X Window System.

I had to get an 80 MB (that's MEGAbyte) disk drive so I could run SCO Xenix and MS-DOS in the same computer. The drive I used was a Seagate ST-4096.

Xenix requirements at the time were:

one megabyte of RAM and 10 MB of hard disk. And look! You get both the vi and ed editors. At this time, ethernet networking wasn't standard. I had email with UUCP and bang (!) addressing.

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