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I grew up in Ohio, outside of Cleveland. Four years at Princeton convinced me that living on the East Coast wasn't for me (too many New Yorkers convinced that the Big Apple is the center of civilization), so I headed west to Seattle in 1986. A job offer from Microsoft and rejection letters from MIT, Caltech, Berkeley, and Stanford made the decision a lot easier. I'm still planning to write thank you notes to the admissions offices at the above universities...  Meanwhile, I got to work at Microsoft when it was a struggling young software company, beaten by WordPerfect in word processing, Lotus in spreadsheets, Ashton Tate in databases and Borland in languages.   My how the world has changed. 

After about 8 years at Microsoft, my then wife and I left the computer industry with aching arms and regrets for the fact that we ended up working for a large company after all.  I let me arms recover for a few years, and then started working for a couple friends over at Flying Lab Software. They had a great work-for-food program going, where as long as I brought in food they'd let me work!  Many batches of banana bread and cookies later, I'm still there.  My wife and I separated in 2002 after nearly 10 years of marriage, but I'm moving on with my life and enjoying the two lovely kids we had together.

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Personal Interests

Caroline Ruth Saada, our first baby! Click here for lots and lots of baby pictures!
Stephanie Helen Saada, baby #2--more baby pictures.
Year 2000 Kid pictures (both Stephanie and Caroline)
Wildlife, nature, and vacation shots are my fave's. I even do a little bit of astro-photography when there are comets flitting about the skies. Click here for samples of my work!
I've been doing mostly rough stuff so far (a cold frame for the garden, some shelving, etc.) but I hope to do more finished furniture type things as my skills progress. I'm also working on baby toys for all the new kids in the family!
For the last fifteen or sixteen years, I've been throwing a massive dessert party for my birthday. This started because I didn't know anyone at first (nobody else was going to throw a party for me), and then it kind of got out of hand. Each year I make 10 or 12 fancy desserts, sometimes around a special theme, and invite lots of friends over to help me eat them. Click here for pictures!
One of my big baking projects was making the wedding cake for my friends David and Linda Cornfield.
Role Playing Games
I admit it, I still have all my D&D books from junior high, and still play regularly with two different groups of friends. For one of the games, I've kept a log of our adventures, which I've put online for people to enjoy and/or laugh at :) . Please mom, no editor's comments!
Castle of the Winds
Years ago, back in the late 80's I was trying to learn Windows programming to get off of DOS Word, where I was then working.  Naturally, I decided to write a computer game.  What I didn't expect was that Castle of the Winds would generate some 13500 registrations, and continue to generate an mail to this day.  At this point, I give the game away for free.  Here's a zip with both part one (the free part) and part two (the part you had to register to get). Have fun!
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