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Welcome to WikiOhana!

This is a site we use to pull the WikiFamily closer together. It’s our “OutReach” program.

At WikiSym 2006, we identified the welcoming ritual as the most useful action we know at the moment. We’re looking for other things to do, but currently “welcoming” is the only thing we know. In general, we want to see everyone GettingAlong.

To pull the WikiFamily closer together, we decided to do the following:

In order to do this, we felt our best bet would be to write two kinds of welcoming message templates, which we would then use to go out and actually do it.

In case you are thinking about founding your own wiki, check out our BeforeYouStart page.

This site is supposed to be small and tightly focused.

You can discuss on CW:WikiOhana, but feel free to start new pages here, too.